Getting Things Ready

In order to ensure things are safe and smooth, our lead coordinator Michael Consul went a few days ahead of the group to double check all the necessary details in person.

Promoting the event

These signs were hung in the El Dorado community to promote the Christmas Clean-up Party we will be having there on Dec. 29th.  Tickets were distributed to 200 children between the ages of 4-8.  We will be serving lunch, playing some games and giving away Christmas gifts.  Originally, the event was for 200 kids, but after visiting the community and finding out more details, Michael felt compelled to increase the numbers to 350 participants!

No ticket, no entry

Michael met the Barangay (community leaders) to go over the logistics and safety.  To manage the flow of participants, it was decided to hold the event within the GK complex located in El Dorado.  This complex is similar to the ANCOP village we will be helping build in Las Pinas.  The plan is to collect tickets at the door as kids enter the event.

Event Central

We will be setting up tables here for food distribution as well as making announcements from this location, in front of the multi-purpose room.  This part of El Dorado is newly built and contained.  It’s the only open area where we can have the event.

After lunch, games and gift-giving, we will be doing a community clean-up in the undeveloped portion of El Dorado.

We can’t wait for December 29th!!

2 thoughts on “Getting Things Ready

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  1. Hi Mike

    Just trying out the blog. Things went smooth at the airport. Like the Sisters of Mercy, all the participants took the vow of pleasant disposition, so they are smiling and will never complain about anything, during the entire trip.

    have a great time

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