Purchasing the Needed Goods

With El Dorado numbers increased from 200 to 350, more of everything (hotdogs, buns, drinks, gifts) need to be purchased.  We are all bringing a minimum of 10 gifts each so including adults and volunteers, there’s a total of 21 of us (210 gifts).  Michael was there before us so he was able to make the needed purchases at Makro (the Philippines version of Costco).

Shopping for El Dorado

Makro was also a good place to buy diapers and baby formula for the Orphanage we’ll be visiting on January 2nd. ——————————

The overall plan

Michael was also able to visit the ANCOP village prior to our arrival to ensure safety and go over the scope of the build.  We will be continuing the work of others, helping local families complete the construction of their new home.

Finishing what was started

We are eager to get to work to see how far along we can bring as many houses to completion.

Before and After

It’s shocking to see what their living conditions were (and still are for many families) before  the construction of the new village.  The right side is what it looks like before the build.

The ANCOP Team

We’d like to thank the ANCOP team for meeting Michael on an official vacation day so that preparations can be made for our arrival the next day on January 28th.

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