And They’re Off

On the night of December 26th, we met at Pearson Airport to set forth on our journey.

The Change Makers

We met at 9:30 pm but our flight didn’t actually depart until 1:30 am on December 27th, giving us time to bond and have fun.

Ready to change the world!

Before leaving, we took the oath of Pleasant Disposition with Greg Rogers, vowing that no matter the circumstances of the journey, we will never complain and always uphold a pleasant disposition.  This was a tradition of the Sisters of Mercy.

Taking the vow

We will remind each other of this vow when we’re stuck in 2hr Philippine traffic, picking up garbage during our community clean up in El Dorado, and lifting cinder blocks under the hot tropical sun!!!

The Pledge

Off to our first stop in Hong Kong.  15 hours away!!!  Mike, we’re on our way!!!

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