Trying to Keep up with Posting

We come home very late every night so it’s hard to keep the blog updated on a daily basis.  The Filipino traffic is a huge factor.  However, we all amazingly get along and try to keep ourselves entertained (or sleep) during the long rides.

Today is the morning of Jan 3rd, 2012.  Here’s just a small update for parents, friends and family so you know what we’ve been doing so far since our last post.

  • Dec. 29 – El Dorado Christmas Party  (Games with local children, serving lunch, gift-giving, community clean-up)
  • Dec. 30 – Manila City Tour (pics to come)
  • Dec. 31 – New Years Eve at the Mall of Asia (can you say crowded… but we worked as a team!)
  • Jan. 1 – Day trip to Tagaytay (4 hours instead of 2 because of traffic… yikes… we really got to know each other well)
  • Jan. 2 – Avalon Zoo, Tiendisitas Market, Orphanage (everyone was definitely moved and touched)

Pics to come shortly!!  Check back often.

Today was the first day at the ANCOP build site.  We are all excited to get to work making sure we have our hats, sunscreen and water bottles!!!

Keep the comments coming!!  Below is a group pic after our El Dorado clean-up.

El Dorado Clean Up

One thought on “Trying to Keep up with Posting

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  1. You are the change makers! Keep up the incredible work!

    This picuture is priceless.

    I won’t complain about Toronto traffic anymore.


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