El Dorado – Let the Games Begin!

On our 2nd day we went right to work as we visited the “squatter” community of El Dorado.  Here’s a poster promoting our visit.

All the El Dorado kids were so excited to see us.  We got there earlier than planned so we were able to socialize a bit before the formal program.

Getting to know the kids
Anxiously waiting for us to start

We started off with some large group games, the first one being Greg Roger’s specialty, “FOCUS.”

“FOCUS” even works in Talalog

Not all the games we had planned worked, but some translated pretty well.

Simon Says, “Put your hands on your head.”

Thank God for Ninivette and Liphayette (our official emcees) who can speak Tagalog fluently.

Molecule “4”

After the small group games, we broke up into groups of 20(ish) to play some small group games.

Molecule “20” turns into our small groups

Any available open space became became our group play area.

This is where Cameron became known as “Justin Beiber” by all the kids (his new nickname)

Running activities with a group of kids that speak a different language was quite the challenge.

Easy peasy for Camille who can speak Tagalog
Ethel took the smaller kids and had to totally revamp the lesson plan

We played games like: name whip, koosh ball synergy, human knot, and pass the squeeze.

Being able to (somewhat) speak and understand Tagalog made it easier
“How do you say ‘squeeze’ in Tagalog?”
Mike’s dad translates for Adrian
Starting the human knot
Getting everyone involved

Our last activity was the a gift giveaway game using playing cards.

Matching card picks first

We all felt so good to give.

So many to choose from
Spreading Christmas love

Even the smallest toy made the children so happy.  Their appreciation was off the charts.

Thanking Olivia for her gift!
Mackie having fun!
Smiling from ear to ear

After giving all the gifts we were able to hang out a bit more and take some group shots with the kids while lunch was getting prepared.

Now it’s time to EAT!!

5 thoughts on “El Dorado – Let the Games Begin!

Add yours

  1. Wow..and you are all still smiling into your 2nd week
    Good work
    It’s still very cold here
    So enjoy while you can!

  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful! It is nice to see the magic in action!

    Thanks for allowing us to walk with you via the internet.

    Take care and have yet another terrific day!


  3. Absolutely tremendous!! Truly inspiring and humbling to see God’s human family in relationship. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.
    Take good care, Bruce

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