El Dorado – Serving Lunch

After we played the games and handed out gifts to all the kids, it was time to give out lunch.  Thanks to Mike’s parents, in-laws, and their helpers for cooking all the food and preparing them behind the scenes while we played with the kids.

Mike’s 2 Moms Preparing the Food

Canada represent!!

Packing hotdogs and bagging dessert buns

We had the system down and was moving hotdogs, drinks, and dessert buns through as quick as a possible.

Assembly line leadership style
Liphayette making sure everything is in order as kids line up in the background
Hanna serving it up!
When’s my turn?  I’ll munch on these fingers for now!

Again, it felt so good to give. We wondered if this would be there only meal of the day.

Hitting the spot.
Juggling all my food and my Christmas gifts.
Mmmmmm… scrumptious!
Chillin’ after lunch

Now it’s time to do the community clean-up!!! (See next post)

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