After El Dorado

Before leaving El Dorado, we took time to debrief and reflect upon our day and our work.

Sharing our thoughts for the day

We had a little bit of time to wash up before our next destination but everyone was afraid to go the washroom because of this:

They don’t come that big in Canada

So we headed off to the closest SM mall to find a public washroom.  There we had time to look around and have some fun.

What a cool fun ride
Even the boys got in on the action

After SM, we went to the Baclaran outdoor market where we first got to experience negotiating prices.

Trying to bargaining… in Tagalog they call it “Tawad”

Because of the sheer amount of people there, we had pay close attention to staying together in our teams… good practice for us for when we go to the Mall of Asia for New Year’s Eve.

Wow, there were so many people

At the market you can pretty much buy anything from clothing, toys, electronics, purses, undergarments, knock-offs, and even puppies.

Only 1200 pesos ($30)

The market also had a huge variety of (unique) food for sale (but we were advised not to eat any of it just in case).

Deep fried chicken intestines – no parts of any edible animal is ever wasted
Regular fried chicken – who needs KFC at these prices
Corn soup and egg rolls
Fresh corn on the cob
These are watermelons… so juicy!
Fresh young coconut juice straight from the shell

This made us all very hungry so we made our way to a restaurant called “Singing Waiters and Cooks”

A great way to celebrate our first full day in the Philippines
What a spread of traditional Filipino food
Serenaded while we eat with songs we can all sing along to
Some performances also included choreographed dances
The St. Mike’s Choir boys also got up to perform

What a jammed pack day!  Tomorrow we go on our city tour.

One thought on “After El Dorado

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  1. Wow, you didn’t lose a second, way to make the most of every minute you were there.

    I’m sure everyone will need a good rest when they get back.


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