Manila City Tour

Our 3rd day in the Philippines was entirely made up of a city tour of Manila and surrounding areas.

First stop: Greenbelt

Greenbelt Park
Climbing up on the animals in the park!

The shot below is in front of an outdoor chapel where we were able to individually pray and reflect.

Group shot at the park.
One on one time with God
Simply beautiful

Our next stop was at the Manila American Cemetery.

What a beautiful tree… there were lots of these types of trees there.
Crosses of the unknown.
“Grant unto them O Lord, eternal rest who sleep in unknown graves.”

We learned that most of the (perfectly lined) crosses were unnamed since only a small number of bodies were ever found or discovered.  Regardless, every individual one lost in this war had a cross put up to honour them.

Group photo at the cemetery

It was time for lunch so we went to a popular place called Market! Market! where the students had free time to eat and do a bit of shopping.

Market! Market!

After Market! Market, we headed to Rizal Park.  It was a coincidence that our city tour also coincided with Rizal Day here in the Philippines.

Rizal Park
Jose Rizal monument

This is where some of us were brave enough to try “balot” (a boiled duck egg with a mature fetus inside).

A closer look at what’s really inside a “balot”
Dave was sweating buckets and was unable to swallow!

We also visited Fort Santiago!  It felt like we were in a Harry Potter movie.

Fort Santiago!
Exploring a P.O.W. dungeon

Our last stop was San Augustin Church, the oldest stone church in the Philippines where there was an actually wedding going on.

What a beautiful place to get married

To end this day off, we caught the sunset over water heading back to the hotel!

Beautiful sunset over the water!

Tomorrow: New Years Eve!

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