New Years Eve in the Philippines!

New Years Eve in a different country is something many of us have never ever experienced before! Fortunately, we spent our day in the largest mall in the Philippines: the SM Mall of Asia. Some of us started off skating at the indoor rink inside the mall just to remind us of the weather our friends back at home are experiencing.

Bringing a little bit of home to our trip.
Skating at the Mall of Asia!

All the students had some time to go around, do some shopping and pick up some souvenirs.

Dave gets swarmed by 5 sales associates… of course he ended up buying something (how could he say no)

Before dinner, we were able to do some team building through bowling.  We broke up into two teams and the score was tight but Team 1 lead by Mike (the leading scorer) prevailed.

Nothing like bowling to bring a team together
Even bowling, the choir boys are colour coordinated

After bowling, we also had time to play some pool before heading as a group outside to enjoy the live entertainment and grab a good spot to enjoy the fireworks from.

SM Mall of Asia
We all got to ride on the Ferris Wheel overlooking the seaside at the Mall of Asia!
Christmas tree at the Mall of Asia! Comparable to the one at the Eaton Centre back home in Toronto!
Patiently waiting for midnight to arrive!
Leaders never stop playing with kids, even a few minutes before midnight!

As 12:00 midnight approached, the crowd was getting pumped and right at 12, bursts of fireworks filled the night sky and we as a group enjoyed celebrating New Years together. We then remembered it was 11AM in the morning back in Toronto, thus we were one of the first people in the world to celebrate a new year!

Spectacular fireworks display!

Happy New Year from the Philippines!

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