Avalon Zoo and Hospicio De San Jose Orphanage

A brand new second day of the New Year started off with a trip to a local zoo. Thankfully it wasn’t very busy when we went so we were able to have the zoo entirely to ourselves! There were many interesting animals to see during our visit!

Doctor Fish taking the dead skin off Jessica and Marissa’s feet!
A closer look at the doctor fish in action
Jenny the orangutan chilling with Michael and Alissa!
Whatcha looking at?
Let me tell you about a time when…
Best buds!
The newest choir boy
Patrick holding one huge falcon!
Unique Philippine hawk owl
“Stay right there”
Are you afraid of snakes? These leaders aren’t!
I’ll protect you Alissa
Quick! Take the picture.
Cameron getting over his fear of snakes. Way to go Cam!

Here’s some pics of other animals we saw at the zoo.

Iguana chilin’ for the camera
Lazy tiger who eventually awoke before we left
Huge tortoise… I wonder how old he is?
This bird was able to roam free through the complex

We were also able to feed some of the animals!

Feeding carrots to rabbits and guinea pigs.
Fighting over fish food
We were able to feed these huge Amazon fish called arapima “chicken heads”… that’s right, raw chicken heads
Fish food for some really big fish

After a morning at the Avalon Zoo, we spent some time at a local market called Tiendesitas for lunch and some shopping.

Just walking distance from the Avalon Zoo

After lunch, it was off to the Hospicio De San Jose orphanage to visit children and spend some time seeing the work that the sisters who manage the orphanage do.

Although this lazy-susan like drop off door still exist, it is no longer in use

Sister Alice was our official tour guide.

Everyone was very happy to see us at the orphanage!
Piggy back races

Our favourite part was being able to play with the toddlers.  Sister Alice said they yearned for human contact.  This was very apparent and it was hard to leave them, especially when they all started crying.

Children adopted from the orphanage in 2011. The numbers are growing!

The sisters gave us a lengthy and overwhelming tour of the facilities and allowed us to visit some parts of the orphanage where we could really see some shocking things we don’t see on a daily basis.  For privacy reasons, we didn’t take many photos inside.

Group photo infront of the chapel at the orphanage.

We were all asked to bring some diapers, baby formula, and other baby necessities on the trip so we gave it all away to the sisters at the orphanage to help them take care of the children in their care.

Our official donation receipt
Student Leaders with baby necessities in hand!

Tomorrow is our first day at the ANCOP build site!!!

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