Build Day 1

On January 3rd, we started our build at the ANCOP site after a morning orientation (history, mission statement, organization structure, goals) with the ANCOP team at the hotel.  We traveled to Las Pinas city where we will be helping to finish ANCOP’s Markham Village.

This is the completed portion of the village

We will be helping finish units in block 7.  The entire village has been broken up into 52 lots in total (51 houses and 1 multi-purpose room).

The majority of funds for this project was donated by the city of Markham, Ontario. Hence the name of the village.

Right from the beginning, we were welcomed with such open arms.

The first team from the TCDSB to build in the Philippines!!!!

We had a tour of the village.  What a drastic difference between the new build and the current living conditions of those that have not moved in yet.

Seeing the old and the new.

Each home is only 20 square meters, most of them housing 4 or more family members.

This is where we will be starting from. Let’s see how far we can take it.
Excited to get working!
This will not look the same when we’re through
2nd floor – gives you a sense of how small 20 square meters feels like

We were taught how to do all of today’s tasks and then broken up into smaller teams.  We made sure to rotate tasks giving everyone the opportunity to try something new.

Measuring and cutting rebar

Measure twice, cut once… hopefully 🙂
Manually bending rebar by hand to create needed shapes
Unsophisticated yet very effective
Bending and cutting wire for fastening rebar
Sifting sand and removing the rocks – used for smooth plastering

The long lengths of rebar, bent rebar, and cut wire are all used to fabricate support beams.

Learning the trade
Harder than it looks… especially with thick leather work gloves
Ahhh… I get it now!

Our most important station was building relationships with the kids!

The start of a wonderful relationship.

After lunch, it started to rain so it gave us some time to play some games with the kids indoors.

Teaching “Stella ola ola”

The multi-purpose room had 2 upper levels so we broke up into 2 smaller groups.

The El Dorado experience really helped us learn how to communicate better

Now it’s time to get back to work… it’s still raining but despite the adults advising us not to get wet, we wanted to continue building.

The work must go on… even in the rain!
I’m getting good at this!
Now that’s a beam!
Just like a day at the beach
Making it happen in any conditions!

We were really proud of our work on the first day.  We persevered through the elements and despite the steep learning curve, we got a lot accomplished.  Off to dinner and then the hotel.

Day 2, bring it on!!!

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