Build Day 3

Thursday, January 5th – We’re starting to get into a good routine now and we take on new jobs everyday.  We also begin to notice the homes evolving as we see our work actually starting to make a difference.

The beams we created the previous 2 days gets installed
Planter boxes we built yesterday ready to plaster today

Today we learn a bunch of new tasks:

New Task 1 – Plastering

Kim leads the plastering team
Doing our best to make is smooth

By the end of the day (with the help of the locals), we’re able to make it look like this:

Let it dry and then it’s ready for paint

New Task 2:  Painting previously plastered planter boxes

Trying not to get it on the floor

New Task 3: Laying down patio stones

Who needs a level!

New Task 4 – Calculating, cutting, positioning, securing rebar to reinforce the concrete floor to be poured

Our math skills really came in handy – thank God our phones have calculators!

New Task 5 – Coating metal beams with rust paint

Hitting every spot
Would you let us paint your house?

And of course each day we make it a priority to play with the kids. We taught them some new games:

New game 1 – Duck, Duck, Goose

Running around in bare feet!
We actually changed the game to “Balot, Balot, Penoy!”

New Game 2 – Huckle Buckle

Huckle Buckle… “Hand to foot”
Huckle Buckle… “Elbow to elbow”
Huckle Buckle… “Ear to ear”
Huckle Buckle… “Man on a boat”

New Game 3 – Number Races

Object: When your number is called, hop over everyone’s legs and sit down before the opponent.
And they’re off… first person to sit back in their original spot wins!

New Game 4 – Crab walk race

Genius way to use one’s sandals

New Game 5 – Piggy back relay race

Cam’s in the lead
Piggy back turned into carrying
I can’t lift this boy!

Another fun filled, jam packed day!  It feels good to give!

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