Build Day 4

Friday, January 6th – Now that we honed our plastering skills with those planter boxes yesterday, time to do a whole wall.

Goal – Finish the entire lower exterior of these units
This includes the front and the sides of the house
Like spreading cream cheese on toast
Ethel in charge of quality control
Not sure if this is smooth enough

We had a huge need for concrete today so some of us were mixing around the clock.

It was unbelievable how fast we went through the last batch
Master mixers

For plastering, we needed to use smooth sifted sand to add to the concrete

Nice way to get a tan!
Us short people will take the bottom
Am I the only one tall enough to reach this high?
We need this done today so we can paint it before we leave

The hard day’s work plastering and mixing really made our backs and shoulders sore so we created the massage train.

Karate chops do wonders

After playing with the kids, we called it day… as we let the newly plastered walls dry.

Kids find ways to amuse themselves as they wait for us to start playing games with them
The street becomes our daily playground
New game: The Limbo!!
Hanging with the kids is our favourite part of the day
This is what we’ll miss the most

Off to dinner to rejuvenate for day 5.

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