Build Day 6 – The After Party

Wow, Filipinos really know how to party! Full of surprises including a percussion band.  What a way to celebrate what we’ve done.

Most drums made out of regular materials

The street which was formerly our mixing ground, then playground, became a stage and then a dance party!

Street Party!
Party On!
Local dancers in cultural costumes

After the dance party, we sat down around the multipurpose room for some speeches and more surprise performances.  The girls also performed a song.

Girls sing “Lean On Me”

Between performances, we all took turns sharing what this experience meant to us and how it changed our life.

The boys also perform, with a special appearance by Justin Beiber (aka Cameron).

And no Filipino party is complete without Karaoke!  Mike started it off singing Stevie Wonder.

**We were so busy having fun, we forgot to take pictures.

Before leaving, we took the time to try to take pictures with all our new friends.

It was soooo hard to leave. There were many hugs and tears. Tomorrow (our last day in the Philippines) we will be visiting another ANCOP site and going to Greenhills.

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