Build Day 6 – Last Day on Site

Sunday, January 8th – Our last day on the build site but first stop, Mary Immaculate Church for Sunday mass.

Also known as the “Nature’s Church”
All chairs are made out of tree stumps
Altar chairs also made out of finely carved wood
You can’t tell from this picture but it was actually pouring ran during entire mass

We all got dressed up for mass, especially the boys.

Looking sharp

Off to see the historical Bamboo Organ Church before heading off to the build site.

Every year a organ festival is hosted at this church
A view from the 2nd floor choir section
Organ pipes are uniquely made out of bamboo

Now off to the build site for our last day work.  Today’s goal- paint the entire lower exterior walls we plastered 2 days earlier.

Some of us a roller
Some of us a brush
All of us with the same goal… get it done!!
And none of us want to leave!

Our last day also means our last day to play with the kids.  We have one final relay race… with prizes!

Goal: Balance the candy on the spoon and make it to the other side as quick as possible.

Ready to compete and have fun
We’re ready too!
Ready, Set, Go!!

Once on the other side, get a piggy back ride back and return the spoon and candy to the front of the line for the next contestant.  First to have all contestants back wins!

Patrick aiming for 1st place
And the winner is… the suspense is building?
Prizes for everybody!

Group shot with Brother Boy.  He gave us our tasks everyday.

We learned a lot about building and about ourselves


No plaster, no doors, no windows, no paint, no support beams above, no floor, no interior plaster, no stairs


DONE: Exterior plaster, paint, doors, windows, paint, concrete floor, support beams above, interior plaster, and stairs… all done with our assistance!!

Side-by-side comparison:

Now it’s time to celebrate!!!  Big party at the site planned for tonight.

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