E-CSLIT Face-to-Face Meeting: November 8th!

A special thank you goes out to every student, teacher, and trustee member who came out to E-CSLIT’s second meeting of this school year! The meeting took place on Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at the School Board from 4:30 p.m to 6:30 p.m. It was an exciting meeting filled with fun games, dances, an inspiring guest speaker, a teacher best practice, and much more!

E-CSLIT members dance along to “Ice Cream & Cake” as the opening dance of November’s meeting.
The opening dance is led by E-CSLIT chair, Theresa Hoang and Co-op student, Stefan Ntansah.
Superintendent Rory McGuckin speaks to us about creating a positive safe school environment.
Dave Conlon from CASAA (Canadian Association of Student Activity Advisors) shows us some magic and explains how we as leaders need to create that in our schools.
Mike and Stefan thoroughly enjoying their subs graciously sponsored by Mr.Sub.
Students anticipating the launch of their school’s popsicle stick catapult.
Small but effective.
St. Jean de Brebeuf using the power of inertia.
Will this be the farthest launch from all participating schools?
Congratulations to St. Maria Goretti with the farthest launch from their awesome catapult! They win the prize of a free pizza lunch!
Four pairs of hands is better than one.
Mrs. Chiara Novak teaches us the importance of ASSETS and what role they play in our leadership development.
Linking up with leaders with similar assets.

Everyone had a lot of fun at November’s E-CSLIT meeting! See you at our next face-to-face meeting on Thursday, December 6th!

Click HERE to see what you need to complete before our next meeting.

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