Smile Camp- Day 2 part 2

We start off the evening with the SMILE Camp Talent Show! Everyone had amazing performances and talents. We had a great time watching others perform and showcase their talents.

 PicMonkey Collage 34

Family Groups performed for the talent show!

 PicMonkey Collage 18

Next up was the individual performances! Brave leaders went out of their comfort zones to show what they got! Amazing performances guys!


Ricardo tells a funny story for the talent show.


 Mentors encouraging Mike as he goes onstage to perform his magic trick. Great job Mike!


High School mentors, Ben and Kazandra performing an amazing dance routine!

 PicMonkey Collage 19

The mentors show off their talents by dancing to “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys.


Marc and Milton from the Toronto Police Services Team end the Talent Show by showing everyone how to do the Four Corner Dance!

 PicMonkey Collage 27

Looks like everyone learned the dance quickly and is having so much fun!


After, Marivic announces the awards for the Talent Show!

 PicMonkey Collage 31

 Say Cheese! Each family group poses with their trophy!


 Everyone dances the night with everyone’s favorite songs.


It’s time for a nighttime snack!


To end the day, Merle reads another story for everyone once again.

Day 2 was a blast! Especially during the evening when everyone showed their talents during the show and danced the night with everyone’s favorite songs!  Lights out at 11:00pm! Everyone is very excited to wake up at 5:30 am tomorrow for the sunrise ceremony!!

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