Smile Camp- Day 3

The students, teachers, facilitators and officers woke up extra early on the last day of SMILE Camp for the sunrise ceremony; especially the mentors who had to wake up before everyone else to do wake up calls and to prepare the fire. Everyone wrote special intentions and put them into the fire. To get warm (It was really cold that morning), Mike instructed everyone to give each other a hug : D


Mentors braving the cold and showing their best poses towards the camera!

PicMonkey Collage 13

After, the students filled in the banners before we started the closing ceremonies.


Ricardo Rodriguez and Merle Gonsalvez hosting the closing ceremonies

PicMonkey Collage 14

SMILE Leaders present their school’s action plans!

PicMonkey Collage 15

SMILE Leaders had exciting action plans which included: Anti-bullying and  including everyone at school. They had great ideas and were excited to start putting their plans into action at their schools.


Katy Whitfield performs a heartwarming song at the closing ceremonies

PicMonkey Collage 16

Mike ends the ceremonies by taking the SMILE Leaders on the leadership roller coaster!

Then the students, teachers, facilitators, and mentors said their “Good-byes” and headed back to Toronto.

Now that we have completed our Pre-camp meeting, Leadership Formation at Camp George, presented our action plans, all we have to do to complete our SMILE Camp process is to…

–          Put our action plans to life (This is what we are going to do until our SMILE CAMP Reunion in May)

–          SMILE Camp Reunion and Action Plan Progress Reporting (Can’t wait to hear how your plans are going and to see you all again!)

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