Day 1 – The Flight (pt. 2)

Here’s a more detailed look into our 15hr flight + 3 hour stop over + 2.5 hour flight to the Philippines! That’s over 20 hours of traveling!

01 - line up
We met at the airport at 10:30 pm cutting Christmas celebrations a little short (but for a good cause 🙂
02 Parents
This is a photo of the our parents taking a picture of us before we enter the gate (last time we see them until Jan 6th)
03 Pray
We have a group prayer before boarding the plane
04 Food
Right after take off they feed us “supper” even though it’s 2:30 am in the morning
05 Eating
We don’t mind because we’re all hungry! The ice cream was the best part.
06 Seating Collage
Only 14 more hours to go!
07 Sleeping
Time for some shut eye. Marvic will need a neck brace when he wakes up.
08 Homework
While most people sleep, others use the time to do some English and Math homework
09 Breakfast
Before you know it, they start serving breakfast. This is chicken congee (rice soup).
09B - Diagram
We are approaching our Hong Kong stop over. 15 hours honestly flew by very quickly.
10 HK Moveator
Hong Kong has a beautiful airport
11 - Expensive Food
First stop, get some food….but not a pizza pocket for $46!
12 Star Wars
We have some time to kill so we step into some shops. The Star Wars craze is also popular in Hong Kong.
13 Chilling in HK
We have over 2 hours to sit, relax, read, and play cards before our next flight.
14 HK Group Pic
Time to board. Does everyone have their passport!!!!!
15 Arrive
HK to PH was just over 2 hours. We are finally in the Philippines!

Check out our first VLOG entry on Youtube:

Thank you for following our travels. We met at the airport on Friday and we arrive in the Philippines on Sunday. It feels like we missed Saturday!

Next post: Day 2 – our first day in PH

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13 thoughts on “Day 1 – The Flight (pt. 2)

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  1. Tokyo was interesting, they have really nice and colorfulful money, the only bad thing was these snacks that seph bought that I personally don’t consider them the tastiest food out there. The airport was cool, had a lot of nice stuff.

  2. At the Hong Kong stopover, I decided to be adventurous and buy some dried kumquats. Unfortunately, they weren’t as good as I was expecting. They tasted like eating orange peels. Natalie and Kalyna loved them though, so there you go. The Hong Kong airport was really nice and clean (and empty).

  3. The Hong Kong airport was so nice, the architecture (aka the ceiling) was so cool to look at. I bought some ice cream that tasted really good. Also a bunch of us got lost at the airport looking for food but me and Veronica found the food court and honestly expecting to be a McDonalds there (there was) but wasn’t expecting to be a Popeyes. Also I don’t know what Brit and Seph are talking about, those dried kumquats tasted great. I’m buying them when we are back at Hong Kong.

  4. I tried paying careful attention to where we went in Hong Kong because I was supposed to travel alone when I cane back since I’m extending my stay. My mom was so certain I’d get lost in it, but honestly, its just two big lines. Don’t scare me, mom! The Hong Kong airport was probably better than most malls I’ve ever been to. They had almost every high end designer name store like Gucci, Chanel and Rolex. I don’t think anyone goes to an airport and says “hmm… I think its OK for me to spend 3k at this store that has nothing to do with my travels…” It kind of blows my mind! Not many food places were open when we got to Hong Kong but I got this cool mango juice that was labeled with only “Mango”. Super edgey, right? On another note, Natalie and Kaylna’s taste buds are malfunctioned if they thought the kumquats were good. I don’t think anything like that should be edible!

  5. There is nothing that beats the feeling of moving your stiff legs after 15 hours. Also, since I had the middle seat, I did not move to go to the bathroom. That being said, the pee at Hong Long might have been the best pee in my life. Hong Long was great! The architecture of the airport was incredible but I felt weird because most of the employees had face masks. It kinda made me feel like I had some disease. But Hong Long was cool regardless. Now onto Manilla!

  6. The Hong Kong airport was so nice, it was like a mall. Well the shop there were better than a few malls in Toronto. I bought pizza in Hong Kong, that was horrible decision, that pizza did not taste good at all! Nut the flight from wasn’t ad it was short and sweet. One of the smoothest landing i could but in my books.

  7. Regardless of what appeared to be a long flight, it wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed the wide variety of movies and TV shows that the airline had provided. During this time I also talked to student and teachers. At this point I was slightly nervous because, I didn’t know if the children would gravitate towards us, and I didn’t want to leave my family for the holidays. On a whole, every component was worth it and i had an awesome time.

  8. The flight ended up being pretty good. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I did some homework and watched some movies and it went by pretty fast!!

  9. The stopover at Hong Kong was fun, their airport is so big and nice and easy to get lost in. After looking around for food and realizing the currency exchange was too much to process after the 15 hour flight so I decided not to get the $80 HK pizza combo. Instead I tried to look for something more familiar and ended up going on a little adventure with Marvic, Jaidan and Wendell only to get somewhat lost and return with water and a KitKat. It’s still so unreal to me how far we’ve come and the adventure is only beginning, Philippines here we come!

  10. Flight wasnt to bad. I got to watch movies i havent has the time to watch and same with shows ive been wanting to watch. But i guess that is what happens when you have a 15 hour fligth. Haha

  11. ?As you can see I’m just about done reviewing everyone of the emails, thank you again and again!

    Peace, Joy and Hope, Steve De Quintal Teacher, St. Mary’s CSS, 66 Dufferin Park Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6H-1J6. 416-393-5528 ext. 84293 “that they may have life and have it the full.” “Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.” – Vesta M Kelly ***You can always email but a call or a visit will get a quicker response*** ________________________________

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