Day 2 – First day in the Philippines

01 Clouds
After 18 hours in the air we are ready to finally get to the Philippines
02 Mountain
We saw this beautiful sight from the plane just before landing
03 Angel
Our first group shot in the Philippines
04 - Airport
After passing through customs, we get our luggage.
05 Carts
We are ready to roll!
06 Bus
This will be our mode of transportation wherever we go
07 Jollibee
First stop, Jollibee – The Philippines largest fast food chain

08 Eating
The menu options are much different than that of McDonald’s
08B Bee
Jollibee himself makes a visit
09 Peach Pie
Peach mango pies for everyone – Mike’s favourite
10 Apartelle
Next stop: Our hotel. This is what a typical room looks like.
12 Mass
Today is Sunday so we take time to celebrate mass together
13 Blessing
It is customary to get a blessing from the priest after mass
14 Buffet
Filipino buffet dinner before heading back to the hotel
15 Sorting
Before we go to bed, we need to take time to sort out all of our donations (despite fatigue!).
16 Group Donation Shot
Wow! What generosity. It’s hard to believe that this all fit in our luggages.
17 Donation Piles
There are various donations we collected: clothing, crocs, stuffed animals, toys, toothpaste/toothbrushes, knap sacks, toiletries, and food.
18 Pack it up
After sorting out all the donations, we need to bag 20 gifts per sac.
19 Pack 2
We need to make sure that each bag will have variety of different donations since the children we will be playing with wil be of all different ages.
20 Bagged up
53 bags x 20 gifts per bag. That’s a lot of Christmas giving.

Tomorrow we head off early in the morning to go to the city of Tagaytay for some sightseeing as well as a teaching from Sister Haydee.


Thank you following our travels.

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16 thoughts on “Day 2 – First day in the Philippines

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  1. At first I was just completely exhausted fron all of the traveling we’ve done but once I saw that huge pile of clothes, school supplies, toys, toiletries, and gifts, I knew that my exhaustion was worth it, and since, that energy has been driving me to keep on going.

  2. The mass that we went to in the mall was great! Even though I was super tired and couldn’t keep my eyes open, it felt good to be able to sit and reflect on the journey ahead of us. As well, I was blown away by how many donations to that we were able to bring over. Sorting them and laying them all out together was really satisfying. I can’t wait to be able to put these donations to good use in the next few days.

  3. I couldn’t believe how much we ended up fitting in one day! Also I was surprised they had a chapel in a mall, but I guess it’s actually very practical. When we got back, I know everyone was tired but our fatigue went away when we started packing up donations. Everyone was really into it and we finished up quickly. I could tell we were all very passionate and excited about meeting kids in the community. I guess when people are passionate, they work really hard at the things they are passionate about. It’s a good sign considering we will be building houses!

  4. Hi Mike ,Can you please resend Day3 of your trip because I accidentally deleted it while   scrolling.

    Thanks Edgar Candelaria

  5. First day in the Philippines. It’s been crazy. It’s been a super long day and I am pooed!! It’s been a world wind of emotions. Saying good bye to my mom was super hard because she is my world. However I know coming here is for an amazing cause. I will learn so much for this adventure and I can’t wait to see what the trip holds for me.

  6. It is heart warming to see how many donations there are and all for people that they will never meet. What you guys are doing is truly inspiring and sets an example of how a vague feeling of compassion can turn in to action and solidarity. Keep on doing the amazing work guys!

  7. Wow!! 18 hours in the air, that’s crazy! I am sure you all were exhausted but it was worth it. It’s amazing to see all of the donations you all brought!! All of your generosity is so wonderful. Have a safe trip back everyone. Have fun beautiful people 🙂

  8. It is amazing what you’re all doing for this country, you’re all making a huge impact not only for yourselves but for the people you’re helping, and preparing to help!

  9. My first impressions of Jollibee, is that the menu is different- they sell Spaghetti! Did you know? Today In Canada, its National Spaghetti Day! The feelings, I had while looking through the pictures is, the feeling of hunger, but then I realize that I am grateful. Where I live, food is always at the dinner table. Your doing a great job, supporting and giving to the less fortunate! God bless you, and have a inspiring trip!! 🙂

  10. I was so excited to Step outside and feel the humid air of the Philippines (even though I was wearing sweatpants😁😝). At first, I thought the menu at Jolibee was much different than any fast food restaurant in Canada (they had spaghetti and rice) but I liked it, especially the mango pies. It was different to go shopping and see a chapel in a mall, but since most people love the mall its a pretty convenient spot. I think I can speak for all of us and say we were pretty jetlagged and couldnt keep our eyes open during mass or even eat that much at the restaurant afterwards 😵. I was happy to see how many donations we all contributed and to know it’s going towards a great cause!

  11. I absolutely loved Jollibee, my first meal consisted of : a burger, fries and a soft drink. In regards to climate change, I adjusted well in my opinion and i suffered little to no sunburn for the length of the trip. As the day progressed, the majority of the group and I, experienced our first Filipino mass. To be honest, it was a little awkward, however i grew more comfortable as I got my blessing at the conclusion of the mass. I also enjoyed, organizing gifts, and I seized the opportunity to interact with members of the group. In closing, it was a great first day!!!

  12. Stepping out of the airport felt like a heatwave, and i’m not too much a fan of heat so i felt like i was dying! it’s really different here, and what are road signs because apparently they exist but nobody listens to them haha, driving is kind of scary. The hotel was nice, somehow my room with the most girls got the smallest room *cough cough mike*. that’s fine though, i’m so excited for what comes next, i can’t wait to see all the kids and i want to start building already!!

  13. The second we stepped out of the airport you could feel the heat just hit you, loading the bus with our luggage took about 10 minutes and I was already sweating buckets then we got into the wonderful air conditioned bus. The first thing we ate was of course, the infamous Jollibee. Once I had a bite of the spaghetti memories of my last trip to the Philippines rushed back, I can’t even imagine what memories we’re about to make. Going to mass was refreshing, except for the fact that almost everyone fell asleep. But at least everyone was energized for gift sorting! The amount of gifts we had altogether was amazing, it didn’t seem like much in our separate luggages but collectively it was a ton! Sorting the gifts was quicker than I thought it would be, I guess it goes to show that teamwork makes the dream work.

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