Day 3 – Tagaytay

Today is our first full day in the Philippines. We have a free day to do some sightseeing in the beautiful city Tagaytay which is situated on top of a mountain.

01 Natalie
We implemented a new rule. Last one late needs to perform karaoke in front of everyone
02 Mike sleeping
We have a 2.5 hour ride to Tagaytay. Opportune time to get more shut eye.


01B Taho
We all try some “Taho” soy bean pudding mixed with tapioca and syrup.
03 Big Mary
Our first stop is a chapel on the side of a hill
04 Optical Illusion
Before going into the chapel we try this optical illusion
05 Inside Chapel
Inside the chapel there are various statues of devotion
06 Steps
We head upstairs to get a better look of the statue of Mother Mary
07 Group shot
At the top we see a “little piece of heaven”…..BEAUTIFUL!
08 the boys
The boys looking serious
This sign says it all.

Now we are off to “People’s Park”

09 Group rock shot
The bus couldn’t drive all the way up so we decided to walk
10 Steps
Beautiful scenery everywhere
11 Panorama
This is one of views from the top deck
12 Panorma 2
Such gorgeous scenery
14 View of balcony
This is the viewing deck where the panoramic picture was taken from
13 Pinapple Bridge
We are the first PH Trip to go to People’s Park
14B Jeepney
Instead of walking down the hill, we hire a “Jeepney” and pile in
15 Sister greeting
Next stop is the Canosian Sisters house where we are greeted by Sister Haydee
15 Mano Po
“Mano po” is Filipino custom when greeting those you are older than you as a sign of respect


15B Table set
The sister’s arranged lunch for us
16 Food and Grace
Sister Haydee leads in in grace
17 New Drink
This was a drink that we all tried for the first time from this prickly fruit
18 Slava dessert
Slava can’t resist trying some desert from Sister Haydee’s secret stash
19 Sister Teaching
Sister teaches us some life lessons. 1. How you do anything is how you do everything. 2. When you wake up, get up, and when you get up, wake up!

Here’s some pictures from the beautiful grounds of the Canosian Sisters house

20 Group Stairs21 Canosian Scenary 221 Canosian Scenary 321 Canosian Scenary

22 Perfect Chair
What a perfect chair to ponder life’s mysteries
23 Pic with Francis
Before saying goodbye to sister we take a group shot with her friend Francis 🙂
24 market pic
We are off to another park called Picnic Grove where we will be doing some horseback riding
25 Horseback
The majority of the group have never rode a horse before
26 Fish Spa
Look at the expression on everyone’s faces
27 Fish Spa 2
People’s first reaction is always the funniest
28 Fish Spa
The fish are eating the dead skin cells off our feet
31 Fish Eating
Apparently some have more dead skin cells than others
30 Massage
A free foot massage is included after the fish feast on our feet
32 Croc
After the fish spa we interacted with some animals
32B - Dos Santos
Left: Brittney Dos Santos December 2016. Right: Krystal Dos Santos December 2012.
33 Other animals
If you’re afraid of reptiles, this isn’t the place for you!
34 Dad bird
“Birds of the same feather flock together”
35 Dinner
We have dinner in Tagaytay before heading back to the hotel

Tomorrow we have a big day. We will be visiting the St. Martin de Porres Orphanage and visiting the slums of Tondo.

Thanks for following our travels.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3 – Tagaytay

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  1. Tagaytay was awesome!!! The scenery, the fish spa, the food! Well, let me tell you about this food because Sister Haydee and her sisters are blessed (literally and figuratively). There was stew that reminded me of home, some amazing noodles and the desert was sweet, but not too sweet. But my favorite thing about visiting the Sisters was definitely their wisdom. Sister Haydee is a very insightful and inspiration person. Everything she said was useful and very relevant to this trip and to most of our lives. I will keep her words in my mind throughout the duration of this trip. Continuing on, we got to go horseback riding and have a fish foot spa! I had never rode on a horse before but my guide named Jon-Jon (my age, 16) was very helpful. He told me a bit of his life and how he had lived there all his life. Talking to him was very interesting since he was a local working at a tourist attraction. We ended the day at a restaurant that had great shrimp and finally got on the bus. The ride to the hotel was cold (AC blasted) and really long (Manila traffic sucks) but we got home safely. I even got to see my relatives who waited at the hotel for me! The day was very eventful and I was excited to go to sleep. Tomorrow would be a big day and I wanted to sleep as much as I could.

  2. The views in the Philippines are one of those things that you have to be there to really experience it. With just the picture, you are missing the breeze of being on a mountain, the shortness of breath from the lack of oxygen but in the same time feeling rejuvenated, and that feeling of “I want to go there!” when you pick out parts of the landscape such as the top of another mountain or next to a bay. Just something you meed to be there to really experience.

  3. Thank you Michael for such great pictures!!! Loved the one of both my girls together!.. It seems that everyone is having a great time. Say hello to Brittney from us.

    1. Your welcome. It’s my gift to all parents for their trust and support. Hopefully it allows you to experience the journey with us. It’s also my gift to the students so they something they can always have to remember their experience.

  4. Today was so much fun! The views from the mountain tops was a something that cannot be explained. You have to see it for yourself to understand and take in its beauty. For lunch we went to Sister Haydee’s home. It’s was absolutely amazing! Best food by far (and it’s only the second day!!) The sisters there have so much wisdom and I was half that Sister Haydee got to share hers with us. They things she said I will keep with me forever and share with my friends and family. After that we went horse back-riding it was something else, but it’s was fun; then we went to the fish spa! My feet are so smooth!!!! I loved it! Today is a day I will never forget!! It was so much fun!

  5. Tagaytay was truly as incredible as Sir described it to be. It was one of those locations in the world that you see through photos, but only understand with presence. As the trip begins, I become only more excited for all the events and experiences ahead of us. The best part of Tagaytag was getting the opportunity to be at peace. Standing at the top of of the church and seeing the view as it truly is for the first time brought a handful of exciting emotions. It definitely served as a reminder to take a step back to appreciate the things around you, especially the land.

  6. This area in the Philippines is extremely incredible, the scenery is awesome and it looks like something you would dream to see. Seeing the way that other people in the world live is truly an eye opener. The scenery looks amazing because here in Canada we do not have the chance to experience something like this.

  7. the Philippines is a very beautiful country. It is an eye opener to see how other people live and what traditions other countries have. You get to see there way of life and how different it is to mine.

  8. There’s a ton of beautiful culture and scenery, it’s great that you guys get to see so much of the country while also having the opportunity to help people out.

  9. My experience in Tagaytay was incredible! I enjoyed Sister Haydee’s group discussion.The majority of the group were able to relate to her life story and her thoughts in regards to becoming a Sister. The horseback riding totally took me out my comfort zone but was definitely worth it and I had a great time as a result. The scenery was also something I will not forget because, it looked as if it was a photograph. During our time there, the boys and I explored the property and found fruits and vegetation that we weren’t native to Canada. Nearing the end of the day I also had another first experience with the fish spa. I cant lie… it tickled ALOT, and the pictures serve as evidence of our discomfort.

  10. Tagaytay was incredible! The scenery was amazing, and I’m so glad that we were able to venture out of metro Manila and experience the breathtaking views of the countryside. I especially enjoyed visiting Sister Haydee and the sister’s residence. She was full of wisdom, and her words were both humbling and inspirational. As well, being able to walk in the sisters garden was something I really enjoyed. They grow all kinds of fruit, including some that I’ve never seen before. Lastly, eating the hot pepper with Alex and Kalyna was an exciting way to end the day. I think its fair to say that Alex and I didn’t handle it as well as Kalyna.

  11. Today was a lot of fun, i really liked visiting sister Haydee. the scenery was really beautiful, it was really fun especially the horse back riding when Julienne was swept off her feet and rode into the distance with her prince charming, priceless. Plus alex seph and kalyna had the amazing idea to eat a whole red hot pepper each, and lets just say kalyna took it like a BOSS, alex and seph were crying like little kids hahahaha so much fun! plus i got the exact same picture with the alligator as my sister did when she came on the trip.

  12. Tagatay was sooo amazing! The scenery was just breathtaking from the mountain top.However, my favorite part of the day was the visit to Sister Haydee’s. She gave some really great and useful advice. “When you wake up get up, and when you get up wake up.” I found this quote especially useful and something I can apply to my everyday life (I still remember it a month after the trip ;). Horseback riding was also really fun and kinda scary (since it was only my 2nd time on a horse). I also really liked the fish spa- my feet were smooth the rest of the trip!! Overall Tagatay was so much fun!!! 🙂 🙂

  13. Tagaytay was amazing, we got to really bond today. From almost getting lost with Brittney, Marvic and Jaidan at the chapel to being fish food at the spa. I really enjoyed how relaxing it was at the Sisters house, hearing those inspirational words from Sister Haydee made me reflect on just life in general and to be more happy and grateful. Today is also probably the first and LAST time I will ever go horseback riding. I don’t even think I have to tell the story about how I was taken off into the sunset, but it was an “interesting” experience. When we ate dinner at the restaurant I barely ate anything, I guess my stomach is still adjusting. But seeing Seph and Alex jumping around after eating sili was probably the highlight of my night. Kalyna took it like a champ.

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