Day 4 – St. Martin De Porres Orphanage (pt. 1)

Today we have a big day because we get to spread some Christmas joy.

01 Basketball court
As we walked to the Orphanage we saw roosters caged in front of a basketball court (not something you see everyday in Toronto)
02 Orphanage
Centro Salvador started the Orphanage. He is a relative of one of participants of last year’s service trip.
03 getting to know
While we wait for all the kids to arrive, we had to opportunity to get to know the kids that were already there
04 Intros
First thing we do is introduce ourselves (name, age, and what we want to be when we grow up).
05 Kid intros
Each of the 40+ kids also introduced themselves in the same fashion. Top 3 professions: 1. Teacher, 2. Policeman, 3. Solider
06 Dance
We perform our dance to Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” for the first time
07 Poses
Part of the choreography is flashing some  random poses…….like these 🙂



08 Teach kids
Now it’s time for us to teach the kids the choreography to the dance. They picked it up faster than we did for sure!
09 Dance Party
We had a little dance party to “Cha Cha Slide,” “Follow da leader,” “Bird Dance,” and “Hokey Pokey”
10 Molecules and Names
After playing a game of molecules to get us into even groups, we got to know each kid’s name and favourite food
11 Stella Duck
We also played “Stella ola ola” and “Duck, duck, goose”
12 Running 5
To end off we played a relay game. First team to give Mike a high five after passing the item all the way down the line WINS!
13 running
“And their off!”
14 Gifts
Time to give out gifts
15 With Gifts
“The definition of true giving is giving without expecting anything back in return”
16 Food
Time for lunch as we help serve the kids
17 Alex
Alex was feeling under the weather until this special little girl came to comfort him……looks like it worked!
18 Look Balcony
This is the view from the 5th floor of the orphanage. That’s where we will be visiting next.
19 Selfies
Time for some selfies and last goodbyes
20 bus
We hop on the bus and notice some stowaways 🙂 They live where we are traveling to so give them a ride instead of having them walk home

Here’s a VLOG entry of our time at St. Martin de Porres

Our next post will be our visit through the slums of Tondo.

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22 thoughts on “Day 4 – St. Martin De Porres Orphanage (pt. 1)

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  1. At first, I didn’t know what emotions to feel. I was stepping into a room filled with kids who live in poverty… I didn’t exactly know how to prepare myself. But, as soon as we were within meters of the orphanage, I could feel their happiness bouncing off of them. The kids greeted us with endless joy -and excitement, and that’s something you don’t forget. It was incredible to see so much happiness in one person, and it’s the good type of reminder that makes you remember all be great things in life. Although they didn’t have much, they had enough for themselves to find happiness, and that quality is so valuable. Huge shoutout to Shane who taught me how to count to ten in Tagalog. It wasn’t easy, but I got it eventually! 🙂

  2. So there is this picture of me with a little boy with my baseball glove. That is actually my baseball glove from when I was little, it even has my name on it. I can’t expressive the joy of seeing how happy he was playing with his new glove. I don’t know how to express how happy I am was to see him and the other children. The orphanage was just a blast of emotions and it just kept coming.

  3. The joy and bubbliness of these kids is really evident! They look like they’re really glad to see you all, and it makes me really glad to see all the smiles on their faces.
    Reading Marvic’s story above has helped me realize the thought that you all put into your gifts. Sharing your beloved glove with a new kid really helps to build a connection between yourself and this kid from the other side of the world. I’m so proud of you all! Keep up the good work!

  4. This is the first time I’ve seen pictures of a real orphanage at it really hurts me to see so many children without their father and mother. But I am surprised to see how happy and joyful the kids are despite having no biological guardians. This makes me feel great to see the kids enjoying their young lives together and it is good to see they all have dreams for the future. Everyone keep up the good work, I’m sure they all appreciate it.

  5. At first it is saddening to see these children in an orphanage. Often times we do not recognize all that we have in our lives and often we take them for granted. Seeing the children’s faces of excitement and happiness brings me a sense of joy. These are children who do not have a lot and because of this they appreciate all the good life has to offer. It’s comforting seeing that even though the conditions of their life may not be ideal, these children can still see the good in things. I wish nothing but the best for these kids in the New Year.

    To the student leaders,
    The joy you have given to these children, even if it may be for a short while, is something that probably made a huge impact on them and will stay with them for a long time. Your donations to the children are very generous and I’m sure the children appreciate more than words can describe.

  6. It’s so great to see you all the kids from the orphanage having a good time. It’s good to know that there are people out there like you willing to dedicate their time and energy to helping people around the world. Keep up the good work

  7. I always felt my tears fall whenever I saw the picture of these kids, for all I know they are lost soul in this world. I hope that someday I can also be an instrument for their life blessings. I thank God for using Catholic Student Leadership to lift up the soul of these children even it is for a while. May the mysterious God bless you all…

    1. Thank you for your support, prayers, and blessings. Spreading awareness of the situation is an important step in solving the problem. Thanks for helping spread that awareness.

  8. At first I was sad to see how many children are at the orphanage and how we take our parents and family for granted. My overall impression of these pictures was happiness to see the amount of love and happiness at the orphanage when the leaders were there. Small actions can show these kids what a true family feels like and I feel like the leaders offered that to the kids. A note to the leaders: Keep up the incredible work!

  9. My mouth hurts from smiling so much 😄😄!! These kids definitely brightened my day. From the moment we walked into the orphanage all the kids did was greet us with smiles. It was really fun dancing and playing games with all the children. I was positively surprised to see how hyped and excited the kids got for the last game😄. It was also surprising to see how our small donations made them so happy. The highlight of my day was when I gave Neo my sunglasses. He was so content and started taking multiple selfies on my phone of him warrkng the glasses,

  10. When we arrived at St. Martins Orphanage i didn’t know how i would feel at first knowing that all those kids were orphans. As the day went and i started to interact with the kids, i was very excited i had the chance to meet every single of them. I loved seeing the smiles on their face, seeing how joyful they are and the they care for one another it was amazing. Even though they don’t have much, you are able to witness the amazing appreciation they have for life. It was very really difficult to leave. I love how some of the kids came on the bus with us and we were able to drive them to the area they live in. When we arrived one of the girls named Angelina took me over to talk to her old brother, we had a good conversation about basketball, they asked me to run 3’s with but we were about to go on the slums tour. It was amazing experience becoming close with the kids, seeing where the people live under the bridge, and just taking in the differences between the city and the slums.

  11. Upon our arrival, I was nervous and i honestly didn’t know what to expect. These doubts shortly became absent when I entered the orphanage. The children and staff greeted us with love and made the group and myself feel very comfortable. Prior the dance, I talked to a small group of children, and I shared some simple games that I play with my friends on my leisure time. While teaching them, i recognized that no child was talking, This puzzled me, due to the fact that in Canada, we can often find small chatter when a teacher is speaking. Through this I’ve learned, how much their community values respect for ones who are older than them. This is something that will provide me with the chance to reflect on how I give attention to teachers, principals etc.

  12. As this was our first encounter with kids in the Philippines, I didn’t know what to expect, and was a bit shy. But as soon as I got there, I realized that there was no need to feel that way. Everyone was super welcoming and started talking to me right away. Seeing how happy they were to see us was amazing, and their enthusiasm really rubbed off on me. It was funny how literally every kid had the dance down better than I did after one run through. As well, seeing how well behaved and respectful all the kids were, especially when we were handing out presents, was a lesson in gratitude. I will remember playing catch with 3 boys using a tennis ball, and the pure joy on their faces, for a long time.

  13. This orphanage was by far my favourite part of this whole trip. The kids there were the most amazing children i have ever met in my entire life. they were so nice and you really got attached to them and it sucked so much that we were only with them for half a day i really wish we could’ve stayed for longer or came back again! i really connected with one boy there and it broke my heart to say goodbye to him, he was such an amazing caring little boy and i really loved him so much. they were so welcoming, as soon as i walked into the orphanage there was one little girl who came running towards me and just gave me a huge hug. it was such an amazing place, i would go back there within a heartbeat if i had the chance.

  14. By far my favourite day on the trip!! At first, I didn’t know how the kids would react to us but, as soon as we walked in I remember there was a little girl who greeted us by the door with nothing but smiles. The children were all very friendly and open to talk and play games with us. These children put nothing but smiles on my face :):). Their energy and happiness just put me in such an amazing mood, I remember one little boy who just made me so happy. He loved taking selfies on my phone and was just ecstatic when I gave him my sunglasses. I just loved all the kids at the orphanage and they all were able to give me so much joy.

  15. Our first time meeting the kids was incredible, at first it was a little awkward but we all broke the ice after talking to them and playing a couple hand games like their version of rock,paper, scissors. The smiles on their faces are something I’ll never forget, they have so little materialistically yet they continue to give and give. One of the girls in my group really touched my heart, her name was Christine. When it was time to give the children their gifts she chose a barbie doll but she looked a little too old for it (around 10) and she looked unsure. I asked her if she wanted to pick something else but she said it’s okay because the barbie was for her little sister who was 4. It’s amazing to think that at such a young age they’re already so kind and selfless.

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