E-CSLIT Meeting # 2 November 3,2016


E-CSLIT held their second meeting, packed with multiple guest speakers at the Toronto District school board on November 3, 2016. Thank you to the teachers and students who were present at the meeting, we had a total population of 150+ for this meeting.


We began the meeting with a surprise quiz! Three students were selected and quizzed to see if they knew what the 3  focuses were from the school boards 3 year pastoral plan.

Answers for each year: Family, Parish, School


Afterwards, Susan Hookong-Taylor from the Catholic Teachers Centre lead us in prayer through song.  She taught us the song One Lord, One Faith, One God of All which focuses on our board’s 3-year pastoral plan.

 Elementary school student leaders singing alongside Susan Hookong-Taylor

Our next guest speaker, Jason Colero, Director of Education Programs for the Toronto Argonauts and founder of the anti-bullying prevention rally, Huddle up. Jason spoke about the topic of bullying and shared his story about how one school leader impacted his life. Jason challenged all of us to be that one leader that makes a difference in another person’s life.


Left = Michael Caccamo, Right = Adrian Dela Morra

Next, we had 2 superintendents from the school board, Adrian Dela Morra & Michael Caccamo, speak about qualities of an impactful leader and provided us with a few successful leadership examples.


Teacher Valerie Iamundo from St. Bruno, recapped last month’s virtue of Gratitude and shared different ways to live out a gratitude filled mindset.


Our guest speaker, Luke Stocking from Development and Peace, spoke about the importance of being eco-friendly and how our ecological footprint impacts the way of life of different people around the world.

Luke Stalking Introducing the farmers activity

Luke introduced the idea of being an eco-leader through an activity that involved farmers going against Mother Nature’s unpredictable events such as increased hurricanes and floods, due to global warming.

E-CSLIT leaders participating and collaborating with one another to create a flourished farm

This month’s challenge was given to us by Luke Stocking. The objective is to have as many people sign the Development and Peace postcards so Mr. Stocking and his team of student leaders can deliver them straight into the hands of the prime minister.

This month’s school competition was to build an aluminum foil boat. Using a single sheet of tinfoil, schools were challenged to make boat that could hold the most amount of pennies. The boat that could hold the most pennies before sinking wins!

boatwith80 pennies.JPG

How many pennies did this boat hold? 🙂

Congratulations to the first place winners, St. John, whose boat held a total of 160 pennies!


TEACHER BOTTLE FLIP CHALLENGE! who will be deemed the gifted bottle flippers, west end teachers vs east end teachers.

A room filled with tension, perseverance, and excitement………..all for bottle flipping!

Congratulations to the winners, West End Teachers!


One of our lovely director of elemenary affairs with all the collected goods!

Lastly, last month’s challenge was bringing in cans for We Scare Hunger. This was a huge success! Thank you to all the teachers and students who brought in various non-perishable food times. Great job leaders!

That concludes the November face to face meeting summary!

Our next ECSLIT meeting is…

Face to Face meeting: Thursday, December 1, 2016


Thank you to all the guest speakers, students and teachers that came to the meeting! You all continue to put effort into ensuring the leadership spirit lives on with the youth 🙂

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