E-CSLIT Meeting #3 Thursday, December 1, 2016

ECSLIT hosted our 3rd meeting of the year on Thursday, December 1, 2016 at the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Our meeting for this month revolved around the virtue of December, Charity.


What is Charity?

December face to face.jpeg

December’s Face-to-Face meeting welcomed three guest speakers and hosted about 100+ students and over 25 teachers!


As usual, the meeting commenced with a prayer revolving around charity.

Afterwards, we played an icebreaker called SLEIGHS AHOY, an advanced, Christmas rendition of Simon Says.


The captains, Nilojan and April, would shout out commands for the elves (the students) to obey in order to deliver sleighs successfully to Santa’s workshop.

The commands were as follows:

1) Climb the Chimney – Motion climbing a ladder.

2)Three to a Sleigh – Groups of three, hands on each others shoulders and sing Jingle Bells 🙂

3)Santa’s Coming – Cover your eyes

4)Down the Chimney – Sit down

5) North Pole – Run to the left side.

6) Southpole – Run to the right side.

Students obeying 3 to a sleigh and joyfully performing Jingle Bells


After putting this icebreaker in your leadership toolbox, Michael Consul gave his monthly talk which always revolves around the virtue of the month.



Our first guest speaker was Jenna Tenn-Yuk a spoken word artist, workshop facilitator and conference story teller who spoke about the importance of finding your voice, living out your passions, and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Following Jenna, we had Superintendent of Schools for Area 7 Kevin Malcolm, give a board welcome for the elementary student leaders.

The overall theme of the welcome encompassed the importance of motivation and perseverance needed to be a leader.


Quote from Kevin Malcolm

Leadership cannot occur on an empty stomach !




Amongst the pizza eaters, representatives from each school prepared their school’s egg protecting contraption. Goal: protect a raw egg when dropped from the 3rd floor.

Preparing for Drop Off .JPG

After everyone got comfortable and satiated their hunger, the Egg drop challenge commenced.

We take a moment of silence for the eggs that did not make it to the final round of Egg Drop Off. Eggs that survived went to the 4th floor!

Congratulations to the schools below whose contraptions embraced the egg crack and passed both versions of Egg Drop Fall!  The following schools survived the 4th floor drop.

Vote on which school you think should win (see pictures below). According to the rules, if more than one egg survives, the school who used the least amount of materials wins.

School 1 – Tell us what school you are in the comments below.
School 2 – Precious Blood
School 3 – St. Ursula
School 4: St. Eugene

Soon after settling down from the excitement and mess from Egg Drop Fall, our next guest speaker, Michael, a Barangay Captain all the way from the Philippines, spoke about the living and educational conditions in his community.

phillipines speaker.JPG
Let’s help Michael’s school by bringing in school supplies for March’s face-to-face meeting.

Our final activity was the TEACHER CHALLENGE! East vs West teachers participated in a Christmas themed minute-it-to-win-it challenge. The player must place a candy cane in their mouth and use it to hook other candy canes into a bucket. The team with the most candy canes after 3 rounds win!

before teacherchallenge.JPG
So many awesome elementary student leaders.

Emerging Victorious was the East End Teachers!

What is next months virtue?

Next Month’s Challenge are:
1. Get as many Development & Peace Post Cards signed
2. Newspaper chair challenge (details will be posted)


That wraps up ECSLIT’s December Face-to-Face meeting! Thank you for the teachers, students and guest speakers that all made this environment flourish with positivity!

NEXT ECSLIT ONLINE MEETING: Thursday, December 15, 2016, 3:45 PM – 5:00 PM

NEXT ECSLIT FACE TO FACE MEETING: Thursday, February 9nd, 2016.
NEW LOCATION: Cafeteria (4th floor)
4:30 PM -6:30 PM

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