Day 1 & 2 – Travelling to the Philippines

On December 28, 2016, 23 students, 4 teachers and 1 adult volunteer from the Toronto Catholic District School Board boarded a plane to Manila, Philippines. Team #PH2016 will be putting their faith into action by serving some of the neediest people in the world.

We arrived safely and student leaders are in high spirits despite being on the plane for more than 21 straight hours


Our first stop after the airport will be visiting the Barangay Don Gallo Elementary School to play with the kids and drop of donations in the form of school supplies.

Thanks for following our travels.

Search Twitter @MikeCLeadersship #PH2k16 for more up-to-date photos and video.

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22 thoughts on “Day 1 & 2 – Travelling to the Philippines

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  1. Have a safe and fulfilling trip. When krystal and Brittney went I could not wait to see your posts… Happy new Year!
    Susy Henriques

  2. Wishing everyone a Safe and Blessed New Year…..and lotsa fun experience in doing your charitable adventure in hot Philippines…….special hug and kisses to our Beloved niece Kim Parro…love you

  3. When I got on the plane, I was studying the sheet of everyone’s names over and over, trying to figure out who was who. I never expected how much of a bond everyone would create with each other in just two weeks!

  4. I remember boarding the plane to the Philippines like it was yesterday! I never realized how that very day would change my life forever.

  5. Leaving for the Philippines I was so nervous but very excited. Such a great experience!!!

  6. I’ve flown to the Philippines multiple times in the past, but I don’t think anything can prepare you for a 15-hour long flight (unless you’re sitting with people like Sophie, Mark and Christian). Traveling with a bunch of friends is a totally different experience from traveling with people. One of my favourite memories on the actual flight was syncing up Mark and Soph’s monitor to mine and watching Titanic together – until we accidentally fell asleep half way through the sinking of the ship. OOPS.

  7. I was really excited to embark on this journey, even though I did not really know anyone other than the people who went to my school. Over these two days, it was great sitting beside Michelle and getting to know her and her kind spirit. I WAS SUPER AMPED FOR THIS JOURNEY! 🙂

  8. This was the start of something truly amazing. On the flight from Vancouver to Manila, I was getting so antsy on the plane since I was sooooo excited to finally get off that plane after such a long flight and start our Philippine adventure. I kept falling in and out of sleep as I was watching my movies but I was blessed with a seat with no one sitting behind me so I didn’t feel bad reclining all the way back haha. Once we exited the airport, the heat blasted us; that was one of the thing I wasn’t excited about haha.

  9. I’ve been to the Philippines in grade 1, which was 11 years ago, so this was my second time going to the Philippines and the first time with friends. I was nervous as well as excited because I didn’t know what to expect! I remember playing the bowling game with Tyler over and over, as well as watching Finding Dory lol.

  10. This was the first plane ride I had ever been on that was over 1 hour. I bonded with everyone around me because we were stuck together for abut 24 hours. But this is where the bonding began!

  11. This video brings back so many good moments. I remember being very tired and feeling a bit sick on the way but it was a good experience overall. i got to catch up on a lot of sleep. I liked sitting with Al and Karen! I’m pretty sure they watched every movie possible on that flight. I remenber listening to one playlist and falling asleep and waking up to the same looped song! It was group one’s job to do weigh luggages and make sure everyone knew what was happening. On a whole, I think those two days were special because not only did I feel every emotion possible, but I got to bond with everyone on the way there.

  12. I remember being extremely nervous about the seats that were assigned to us. I was hoping to be seated amongst the people from my school, but I guess everything happens for a reason. I was able to create new friendships with those around me by watching movies, asking questions about each other, etc.

  13. None of it felt real to be honest. When I arrived at the airport, I saw everyone and thought – these people will be my company for the next two weeks – I was anxious but I guess the excitement just overpowered me. I felt really blessed to be able to embark on this trip with amazing people.

  14. I was definitely excited to travel for the first time without my family but also scared to be flying halfway across the world with people who I was acquainted with only through class. Who knew how close we would become after 2 weeks in the Philippines!

  15. I was super excited to go on the Philippines trip, especially since my brother went on the same trip 6 years ago. I remember dropping him off at the airport and later seeing the pictures of the trip on this exact blog. Ever since then I wanted to experience travelling to the Philippines and meeting all the kids 🙂 The plane ride was just the beginning to our adventure!

  16. I had never travelled to anywhere outside of North America, so I was super scared to fly across the world for 21 hours! The plane ride felt like forever, but honestly more than anything I was just so excited for the trip!

  17. It was my first time flying as well as traveling for two weeks without my family. I was terrified but it was the start of an amazing experience I’ll never forget!!

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