Day 3 – Don Galo

December 30, 2016.

Immediately from departing from the airport, we visited the barangay of Don Galo, a community 10 min away from the airport.


Here we will be visiting their local elementary school, playing with some of the students, and leaving a donation of school supplies.

Search Twitter @MikeCLeadership #PH2016 for up-to-date photos and video.

Next stop is the hotel to settle in and organize our donations.

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  1. When we arrived at the school, I was a little nervous about how the students would react. After all, many students in Canada that I know tend to keep themselves detached from participating, especially when the presenters are strangers. These kids, though, jumped straight into the activities we did, even the shyer ones!

  2. Our first interaction with kids was great! So much energy and joy from them and the other leaders!

  3. This was the first time we ever interacted with the kids in the Philippines! This was when I realized how much we inspired the children to do great things. Also seeing how the community looked compared to our home in Toronto definitely opened my eyes.

  4. Some of us were running on very little sleep especially because we visited this village almost immediately right after getting off the plane. I thought that we wouldn’t be able to give Don Gallo our best foot forward, but boy was I wrong. I think the excitement and adrenaline rushed through us in Don Galo, because it was a moment to realize that our service trip has begun and we were actually in the Philippines. It personally felt like I’ve been waiting for the trip for so long and it was surreal that we finally landed in the homeland.

  5. The children were so well behaved and so cute in their school uniforms! The energy and spirit these kids exuded was so immense and great to feed off of. This gave me an amazing first taste of what was in store next!

  6. We went to Don Galo, straight from the airport. Interacting with the students from the elementary school was such an amazing experience. You can see genuine happiness in their eyes as we were playing the games and just by looking at them having so much fun, it took away all my tiredness from the long travel. We also gave school supplies to the school which was a very rewarding feeling since we all knew that it would be put to good use in helping these kids get a better experience at school. Oh, and the traffic and roads in the Philippines were craaaaazy. I felt like we were going to crash into everything on the roads since everything else seemed so small from our view from the bus.

  7. After landing, we basically went straight to Don Galo, running on such a small amount of sleep, I thought I’d have difficulty interacting with the kids, but with all the excitement and mixed feelings I think it helped me really take in the moment and realize that the service trip was happening! After being able to see the difference between schools there, and schools in Toronto it really opened my eyes to how blessed we really are.

  8. This was our first stop. Not going to lie, I was super tired and nervous. It was crazy hot but I definitely got a feel of what I should expect. This was the first time I was exposed to extreme poverty in person and this is when it really hit me.

  9. We made our way from the airport to Don Galo as soon as our bus was loaded. The people of the community were overwhelmingly welcoming, and they all greeted us with smiles. It was a great start.

  10. This was the very first place we went to right after getting off the airplane. I remember seeing children running around the middle of the street and titos and titas telling them to make way for our tour bus to stop. I remember stepping foot into the school and being welcomed by everyone. The community was really happy to see us. We got a tour around Don Galo and from there I noticed all the tall and compact homes people had to live in. We stepped foot into the school and it was so cute seeing all the kids in their uniform. Although the trip on the plane was tiring, it didn’t stop us at all from having fun. It was nice to see all the kids play with us and have so much fun. I also felt very happy when we set up all the school supplies we prepared for them. One funny thing I remember is a bunch of us all sitting in one of the offices with AC while we waited for everyone to finish using the washroom.

  11. The community at Don Gallo welcomed us with bright smiles. Interacting with kids is really not my forte. I was really nervous to socialize with the kids, but the the kids’ playfulness and bright smiles made me jumped out of my comfort zone. I think I should also mention that the kids went to school even though it was during their Christmas break – so sweet.

  12. I was definitely excited to travel for the first time without my family but also scared to be flying halfway across the world with people who I was acquainted with only through class. Who knew how close we would become after 2 weeks in the Philippines!

  13. From the airport, we headed straight to Don Galo. I couldn’t get over how cute the kids were in their uniforms!!!! When we were playing the games the kids were all so full of energy and happiness. Seeing their smiles made me feel so blessed to be able to travel and give back. We were able to donate a lot of school supplies which was amazing so see all laid out.

  14. Great way to start the trip. It was so nice to meet everyone and play with the kids for the first time!

  15. I honestly didn’t know what to expect because this was our first stop right off the plane, but it ended up being amazing! The kids were so excited and happy, which got me even more excited for what would come next.

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