Day 4 – New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve. Today we’re taking a tour of the capital city of Manila.

Fort Santiago

After our city tour, we we will be departing back to the hotel to get ready for our New Year’s celebration at the Mall of Asia.

Lunch at Max’s Chicken

Happy New Year everyone! Blessings to all in 2017.

Tomorrow we will be travelling the mountain region of San Mateo in the day time and having dinner at the 2014-15 build site of AKC.

Thanks for following our travels.

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18 thoughts on “Day 4 – New Year’s Eve

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  1. It seems like a pretty small thing, but looking back, I think the restaurant (Max’s Chicken, I think?) was the start of the bonding process of that day. The food came at different times, and there was a certain necessity for us to share. Plus, most of us were shuffled around to be with people that we might not have talked to before. Between those two things and the looking out for everyone (we were thiiis close to accidentally giving peanuts to Sab!), we started to get to know and care for each other.

  2. Learned a lot about Jose Rizal on that day. Also, the fireworks were so beautiful that night! Every time I watch fireworks now I think of the wild fireworks on New Years.

  3. On this day, we had many historic land sites on our itinerary – however, due to the weather we had a change of plans. We spent most of the day at the Mall of Asia and that was such an experience. Mike told us to meet at a certain place at a certain time to meet for lunch. Michelle, Sabrina and I underestimated how easily you can get lost when you’re walking around one of the biggest malls in the world. We gave ourselves a 15 minutes before the meeting time to navigate our way back to the meeting spot which really wasn’t enough time, but we managed to make it back before everyone else (I guess everyone got lost too). We left MOA for a hot minute, got dressed, and went back for the New Year’s countdown. The firework at MOA was by far the best firework show I have ever seen.

  4. Exploring one of the biggest mall of the Philippines was very fun! Team 2 didn’t win bowling but we still had a blast!!! S/o to the Team 2 MVP, Tyler!!!!! From what I remember from when I was little, New Year’s in the Philippines is one of the best experience, and the fireworks at the Mall of Asia did not disappoint. It was honestly one of the best and wildest firework show I have ever seen. We surely welcomed the New Year with a bang!!!!!

  5. Seeing so many sights in the city and spending New Years Eve at the Mall of Asia was an experience that couldn’t be attained anywhere else. The fireworks were surreal, and I am glad I spent New Years with these amazing people.

  6. Our plans to go to the different historic land sights didn’t end up happening due to the weather that day, so we changed the plans and went to the Mall of Asia. It was really cool being able to walk around one of the biggest malls in the world, and after setting the meeting time & spot, almost everyone was late (probably trying to navigate through the mall) lol. We went back to our hotel to freshen up and get ready for New Year’s fireworks show. All my relatives said how New Year’s in the Philippines is really nice, and I didn’t really know why they kept talking about it until that night. The fireworks were insane, and it was extremely loud with all the noisemakers and people yelling and screaming. It was such a great experience!

  7. New Year’s Eve was definitely when everyone got more comfortable with each other. We were all cracking jokes during lunch at Max’s and I remember having a warm feeling of true happiness! This is where Kuya Tyler and I almost choked because we were laughing at each other’s laughs and we couldn’t stop laughing because our laughs were funny with made us laugh even more!

  8. This day was left us with more knowledge about Philippines history, as well as a better bond with everyone on the service trip. I remember the way everyone hugged each other during the New Years eve count down.. it was truly an unforgettable experience.

  9. We visited Fort Santiago this day and we really learned a lot about Philippines’ history. I remember going to Chatime in Mall of Asia with Czarina. We were shocked when the lady at the counter asked for our sugar level. We were dumbfounded and just nodded to every word she said 😀 There were hundreds, probably thousands of people in the Mall of Asia to celebrate New Years. Waiting for the fireworks display was tiring but it was definitely worth it. It was amazing! That was the first New Year that I did not celebrate with my family but I have come to a realization that these amazing people around me is also my family.

  10. Learning and physically being in a historic site where Philippines’ national hero was kept imprisoned was pretty cool. I had always wanted to experience New Year’s in the Philippines and I was glad to have spent it with people I had eventually became close with. The time spent at Mall of Asia (MoA) with friends and the fireworks when the clock struck was an experience I will never forget!

  11. There was a change in plans due to the rain but it was still fun roaming around the Mall of Asia and bowling!! I’ve always wanted to go to the Philippines during the Christmas break and New Years because everyone would say how much fun it is and now I see why! It was so crowded that we made a long conga line holding hands and jumped a fence to get a good view of the show. Experiencing it with an amazing group and seeing the fireworks is a memory I’ll never forget.

  12. Going around mall of asia was really fun! It was so huge in comparison to back home so it was pretty funny trying to get around with Jols and Sabs. Bowling was super fun especially becausey team kept goofing around with each other. #TEAMBB Overall, the fireworks were beautiful and I really felt that sense of happiness and community with everyone!

  13. New Years Eve, yaAAAAaa!! It was really nice to have a little city tour because I did not really know that much about the Philippines in a historical context. Bowling was a great bonding experience, YaaAAA team Al!!! It was nice getting to know everyone and “cellying” super hard!! I remember when Sabs and I were cellying and then I fell, haha!! The fireworks were wild, like nothing I have ever seen before. What an amazing way to go into a New Year with great people!!

  14. Today was really fun and it was nice to have a day where we celebrating New Years as our group! The mall was SO big and it was interesting to see everything, and the fireworks were amazing! Couldn’t imagine being anywhere else better that night.

  15. Such an amazing day! The fireworks at the Mall of Asia were gorgeous. No better way to go into a New Year than to celebrate it with a group of amazing people!!

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