Day 3 – Masagana

December 30, 2016

After sorting all of our donations at the hotel, we travelled to last year’s build site Masagana to reconnect with the community.


Thanks for following our travels.

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New Year’s Eve tomorrow!

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  1. This is such a lovely post, reminding me of my trip last year with Mr Consul. Masagana, like all of the communities, are absolutely lovely. I hope that you guys enjoy your time in the Philippines while it lasts :$ huge applauds to Mr Consul who keeps this trip running every year! 😊❤

  2. Great to see the incredible footage of the buildings created by
    the group before. Thanks for sharing all the performances!

  3. We’re so delighted to see you all having such a wonderful time with the kids. Absolutely a lifetime experience! Happy New Year to all! Hi Kim love from Mommy, Daddy & Patrick.

  4. I was surprised by how different Masagana and Don Gallo were. Here in Canada, places are fairly consistent in their attitudes, people, mannerisms, etc. That’s why it seemed strange to me that two places that weren’t that far apart would be so unique. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the communities are smaller and closer with their bonds?

  5. Visiting the first village of the trip was breathtaking. Seeing all those happy children in their community was heartwarming. Being able to hang out and play with them was so thrilling.

  6. This was where I first met a little girl named Tyla who was so small, cute, and happy. She’s the first person I bonded with in the Philippines. She had near to nothing in her home, yet she was so grateful for every little thing that she had. Really put things into perspective!! Miss those kids a lot

  7. Masagana was great. First time you get to see that real sense of community, and the performances by the kids were amazing!!!

  8. This was the second village of the day. It’s a totally different environment when you’re visiting kids in their school (the first village we visited) versus when you’re visiting them in the actual village they live in. The faces that the kids made, when they realized I spoke Tagalog, were priceless. In the village, I was especially close to a kid named Lester who made me feel so welcomed. I immediately felt a connection with Lester and I didn’t want to leave him even after I knew it was time to say goodbye. While boarding the bus, Lester gathered a couple of his friends (kids that I also spoke to that night) and they started to chant my name. I didn’t realize how quickly you can make a special friendship until that night.

  9. It was an incredible experienced being welcomed so much by the first community we went to. It was my first chance to really talk and interact with some of the kids, and being able to bond with the children made my experience so much greater.

  10. Masagana, the first community that we visited. Going into our first community visit, I really did not know what to expect. I felt so welcomed walking into the community and by the end of the night I truly felt like a part of the community. Playing and talking to the kids was so much fun! Saying goodbye was super hard and I’m sure we all shed a tear while looking out and seeing he kids saying bye, chanting Canada, and even crying.

  11. Immediately you get a good feeling of the community, they made us feel so welcomed really early, and it was very nice to see how happy everyone was. Being able to play and interact with the kids was very heartwarming.

  12. Our first village was so overwhelming, it truly filled my heart with joy and love! I met a little boy named Isaac and he was so kind and such a great dancer! It was so hard to leave these children as they were so full of light and love.

  13. This village didn’t break my heart as much as others but it still made a huge difference. This was my first encounter where I saw how happy the people were despite the fact that they barely had things. I also got to build my leadership skills with the kids. I remember eating here and being given water in a cup and freaking out after I drank it because I forgot I could only drink bottled water. But it turned out that the water was fine! wheew

  14. This village was radiating so much joy and energy while we were there. From the performances, to dinner, they never left us feeling out of place. This was our first reality check with regards to how little these communities have.

  15. Kids at Masagana were really cheerful and they looked so cute with their red skirts. If I’m not mistaken, it was our first time to present our dance – Can’t Stop the Feeling. I remember dancing with a kid and her mom joined in to – it was so much fun.

  16. I felt so welcomed entering into Masagana, similar to all the other villages we visited. We made close relations not only with the children and the community, but amongst ourselves as well as we broke off into small groups to play games with the kids. The performances were great and I’m glad they enjoyed our dance for them as well.

  17. Masagana was amazing! The children dancing was the cutest thing ever and being able to interact with them was so heartwarming. It was also cool seeing the houses that the last year’s group helped built and knowing that we’d be able to do the same. I made eye contact with a girl named Marilyn during the dance and she stayed with me for the rest of the night! It was really cool being able to get to know her and before I left she instantly added me on Facebook!

  18. I’m really glad that Masagana was one of the first few villages that we visited. Right when we got off the bus I felt super overwhelmed. We were welcomed by this close community and it overall made me feel happy. The kids were so cute in their red tutus and I distinctly remember Mark and Ronald dancing as lead. The first time we danced to Can’t Stop The Feeling was one of my favourites because there was one part where I danced with Mark and Ronald. I spent the rest of that night bonding with them. It was nice getting to know that community because I remember my friend went last year to build in this very village. A key memory I remember is taking a video of Ronald and Mark for my friend because they remembered her and missed her. We didn’t stay long but having to leave after building those friendships were sososo tough.

  19. The kids were so cute! There was so much energy and the kids put so much work into their dances and performances which inspired me to be more enthusiastic.

  20. The Masagana community was so welcoming! Everyone was so kind to us and I’m so glad it was one of the first villages we visited.

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