Day 5 (part 2) – AKC

January 1, 2017

After visiting San Mateo, we travelled to the 2013-14 build site of AKC – ANCOP Kapatid Community.

We were amazed how many children were there. They blew us away with their energy and hospitality.

None of us wanted to leave and it was hard to say goodbye. There were many tears shed on the bus as we left.

Youtube video currently being uploaded. Check back to view.

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Thanks for following our travels.

Tomorrow we travel to do some sight-seeing in Tagaytay.

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  1. I am so proud of the great work that our student leaders do.
    Their commitment to social justice is evidence of lived gospel values.
    Thank you all on behalf of the whole TCDSB community.

  2. Oooooooh boy, did I ever cry when we left here. I don’t usually make connections very quickly, but this group of girls, Nikki, Jessee, Kitay, and Jem, grew on me instantly. I ate my food as fast as possible so I could join them outside, since they weren’t allowed in the tent when we were eating. Before I knew it, I was dancing, talking, singing, and meeting their families! Kitay took me to her house, and I have never felt more welcomed.

  3. When we were in AKC, I met a boy named Amboy. He had the option to choose whatever toy he wanted, and he decided to get a doll for his little sister instead of getting something for himself. The fact that he thought of his family before himself was incredible!!! Shows how important family is to many people

  4. AKC was one of my favourite villages. Made amazing connections with many of the kids there and will cherish these friendships for a long time.

  5. The AKC Community was an experience like no other. This truly validated the power of hospitality. Everyone was welcomed as if we were celebrities and I can say that everyone on the trip found someone from this village that they cherished. For me, two little girls instantly grabbed hold of me as I walked into the village – Nicole and Ams. After the AKC Community’s presentation, we were able to immerse ourselves with the rest of the kids. Multiple little boys kept trying to get my attention by tapping my back and pointing at each other when I would turn around. It turns out that they were the coolest little dudes ever – their names were, MJ, JP, Kean, Iris, Inchay and Efri. This was honestly the hardest community (so far) to say goodbye too. Everyone had a good cry on the bus back to our hotel.

  6. As we were on the bus, hearing the kids of AKC chanting, I already knew that this visit was going to be one for the books. As we stepped out, a sea of kids, more than the other villages we have visited before, greeted us with open arms. One of the ANCOP scholar talked about how grateful he was to receive an education because of ANCOP. This really made me put things to perspective and made me realize how luck we are on having easy access to education here in Canada. Not everyone has the opportunity to an education and that is what broke my heart. Many of us find ourselves complaining about about school, while there are others who only dream about going to school. The night was filled with laughter, dancing, and singing which are memories we all cherished. Once again, saying goodbye to AKC was tough (just like all the other goodbyes) and the bus was filled with tears as we drove off.

  7. This village was a prime example of the true value and importance of community. The level of joy and happiness that the kids had and shared with us was incredible, and it was extremely hard for all of us to say goodbye.

  8. There was a boy that I met named CJ, and he grabbed my hand as soon as I came off the bus, after not seeing him for almost the rest of the night after playing games with them, he was able to find me regardless of how many people were there. He asked me when the next time we would be coming back, and if it would be the next day. Having to tell him that it wouldn’t be the next day, and that I wasn’t sure when we would be back, it broke my heart. He said that it was okay, and that he wanted to walk me back to our bus, after maybe halfway he asked me if I could give him a piggy back ride, and so I gave him one. When we arrived at the bus, he started tearing up, so I then began to bawl my eyes out, he said “I’ll miss you Kuya.” and that made me cry even harder lol. Even after only being with him for a few hours, I was able to make such a strong bond with him.

  9. This village was an ouchie. I absolutely fell in love. Two boys CJ and Joshua stayed with me the entire night. They barely knew me but that just stayed with me and kept wanting to get to know me. I honestly felt like I knew everything about them that night. Just thinking about this night hurts me because I remember that Joshua took me to his house to show it off. It was literally the size of my living room and all of his friends came in and were in awe because his house was “so big”. It really hit me how privileged I am. I just hope that they are all doing well. I miss them.

  10. This community is trully unforgettable. I had a chance to interact with the older kids/teenagers. I met a teen named Vionie. I remember her incredible dance moves during the performances. I will never forget how welcoming her family was when she brought me into her home.

  11. AKC is probably one the most unforgettable community we visited. The kids were so hyped and humble. I truly miss the Spice Girls (it’s the name of our group) 😀 😀 😀

  12. The sense of community and the feeling of hospitality was definitely felt through AKC. The performances from the kids and teens were entertaining and hearing such an inspiring story from an ANCOP scholar who struggled with paying for her education was very touching, knowing that someone out in the world is helping her achieve her dreams by sponsoring her. I was very sad to leave such an inspiring community.

  13. The AKC community hit me hard. I remember seeing all the kids gathered around the bus and their faces all lit up! It was amazing to be welcomed by so many kids into their home. There were two girls, Jewel and Sheila, who reached for my hand and stayed with me the entire night. It just shows how fast bonds can be made through such a loving community. When the ANCOP scholar was talking about her opportunity to college education it really broke my heart. It made me cry because a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to go to school and in Canada we take it for granted and complain. It really made me think about how grateful I am for my parents and all that they do for me. AKC definitely gave us so much happiness, love, and realizations to take back home.

  14. AKC was sooOo wild!! Since we stepped off the bus, the energy and atmosphere was insane!! All the kids were cheering for us and it made me feel so special and important. I met a girl named Aliyah and she stayed with me the entire night. She told me that she wished I was her older sister and I could stay and I took that really hard. These kids made me appreciate my life and opportunity to an education so much more.

  15. AKC impacted me so much. I remember just getting there was a hassle because of the crazy amounts of kids and community members waiting in the streets. Already stepping off the bus made me feel so happy because there were kids here and there. I remember we all sat around in chairs and I remember having kids sit on my lap. I think AKC hit me hard because a young girl shared her story of being an ANCOP scholar. It was hitting and really made me take everything in. In total, dancing with the AKC community was probably one of my favourites. It was super tough having to leave and say goodbye to the friendships I made.

  16. The kids here were amazing and this is probably one of my favourite villages! I met these two sisters who showed me around the village and one of them gave me this necklace that said “love” in it, which I cherish so much. I also met a girl named Rosaline who introduced me to their family and showed me her home. I was in awe to see her world and the way she lives, and it broke my heart to see her sad when we were leaving the village.

  17. AKC is one of the memorable parts of the trip for me. The community was so kind and welcoming. Spending the night dancing all with the kids was so much fun. The kids were so sweet and I miss all of them so much.

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