Day 6 – Tagaytay

January 2, 2017.

Today we had a free day to do some sight-seeing so visited the beautiful city of Tagaytay.

We visited an organic education centre called Farmacy
Lunch at Farmacy was fresh and delicious
We swear that we are on a “service” trip

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Tomorrow we visit an orphanage and visit the payatas slums.

Thank you for following our travels.


20 thoughts on “Day 6 – Tagaytay

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  1. I honestly still think about the things we learned at Farmacy. The way they had everything set up was so incredible!
    I also think about the things that Sister taught us. She really seemed to understand what we needed to hear, especially when we were all going around and telling the things that stood out to us.

  2. The most memorable part of this day was the fish spa!!! Even though it was very ticklish and uncomfortable, the soft skin made it totally worth it in the end.

  3. Even after visiting the Philippines multiple times, I never really knew what to expect from Tagaytay. This was our second day of immersing ourselves in the tourist end of Filipino culture. We visited a church, pushed a car out of the way (parked on the road), and visited a garden that showed “a journey to the body”. The “Farmacy” was such a unique idea and I was in awe while walking through the “body”. In Tagaytay we experienced a lot, but I would like to focus on the fish spa. Contrary to popular belief, it was not my first time getting a fish spa (although, it sure looked like it), but it’s such a different experience when you’re getting bit by big fish (what I experienced) versus when you’re being bit by many little baby fish (what I got in Tagaytay).

  4. Going to Tagaytay was always one of my favourite trips when I was little. It was nice being able to come back after so many years. The Farmacy was a very relaxing place where we could unwind and reflect on everything that had happened the preceding days. My favourite part of the visit would have to be when Sister Heidi talked to us. She shared with us a very powerful lesson. One of the thing that she said that stood out to me was when she was talking about how we should not hold onto anger because we only have a limited time on Earth and we should not waste that conditional time holding resentment. The fish spa was also a highlight of this day. For someone being very tickling, I still very much enjoyed it!!

  5. This was a very fun, yet reflective day. I also learned a lot about the health benefits of all the fruits and vegetables thanks to the Farmacy!

  6. We had a good time, the market was a good place to buy souvenirs. The fish spa was an interesting experience and I’ve never felt anything like it before. I love toes!!

  7. This day was more of a relaxing day, we were able to buy a few souvenirs from the market. The fish spa was a pretty cool experience, it was very ticklish at first, until you get used to it lol.

  8. This was a fun filled day! Got to bond with everyone and sleep. I loved how we did a lot of talking and even though this was more a tourist day, we still got to reflect and remember our real purpose in the Philippines.

  9. The fish spa was made us all feel an interesting sensation on our feet.. Overall this day was another bonding experience for all of us.

  10. This day was very relaxing. The views were amazing and the Nurture Farmacy was really cool. Sister Haidee’s words were very inspiring and it gave me a new perspective in life. The Picnic Grove was awesome – souvenirs and food were affordable and the fish spa was very relaxing and satisfying.

  11. Tagaytay was such a beautiful city to tour in. From visiting Mount Taal, to the Farmacy, to experiencing our second boodle fight, to Sister Haydee’s talk, the fish spa, and not to mention Jollibee, it was such a fun, packed, meditative, and educational day! I’d love to visit again the next time I go to Philippines.

  12. Tagaytay was such a beautiful sight! It was a cool day because we got to learn a lot at the Nurture Farmacy and how different foods affect the different parts of the body. The baby pineapples were so cute!! Also, Boodle Fight round 2, woo!! I was really inspired by Sister Haydee’s words and it made me feel more at ease. She made me reflect about what we are called to do on this service trip and how we should allow a person to be them self in times of distress, that it is okay for them to cry and how we should be the person they can find comfort in. I thought the farmacy was the perfect place to reflect. Everyone’s reactions to the fish spa was priceless!!

  13. This was a great day of reflection and relaxation!! Something that stood out this day was when we were doing out reflection at Farmacy. This made me realize so many things and I will never forget it. This was also the day I became close with Jermin because we sat beside each other. 🙂 I am so glad for that decision as Jermin is an amazing individual!!!!

  14. This was a really fun day! It was really peaceful going to the Farmacy. I really enjoyed the nature and cool weather. The reflection really made me feel at peace. I feel like the reflection really helped me to grow as a leader. I remember Consul telling us that “It’s not bad, it’s just different’ when I mentioned being sad about how hard some things are back here. It really opened my mind. Overall, the fish spa sooooo fun. Seeing everyone’s reactions again made me laugh. One distinct memory I had were the barong boys winning gold fish which was super funny.

  15. Today was so nice and peaceful! I had fun exploring the market and walking around Farmacy. And of course, the fish spa was great, even though I got the biggest fish there (which they later told me that those fish had teeth)!

  16. Definitely one of my favorite days! It was another bonding experience for as all, especially at the fish spa.

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