Day 7 (part 2) – Payatas Feeding Centre

January 3, 2017

After appearing on the Good Morning Philipinas morning show, we travelled to Payatas. Here we played with kids at a feeding centre that served needy malnourished children in surrounding communities.

We danced and played games as always.



Each kid received either a toy, toothpaste and toothbrush, or school supplies.


We also had our first Canada vs Philippines bottle flip challenge.


Watch video below to see which country came out victorious.

Up next, we will be visiting some of the homes of these childrens within the slums of Payatas.

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18 thoughts on “Day 7 (part 2) – Payatas Feeding Centre

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  1. I wouldn’t have thought that a bottle flipping competition would bring people together so much, but I think that’s what brought a lot of kids out of their shells that day. Before, a lot of them seemed a bit reserved.

  2. In the feeding centre we met a little girl named Regine. She was so outgoing, confident, determined and held herself very professionally. She was the lead vocal while singing the national anthem, volunteered to hold the mic while doing their Christmas performance and had so much energy while dancing for us. After eating lunch with the kids, we got to visit Regine’s house and it was definitely something I did not expect.

  3. Interacting with the kids at the feeding centre was so much fun. Even with the little they may have, they were still such rays of sunshines and that positivity and happiness definitely radiated into each and every one of us. Hearing their aspirations in life made me so happy because they showed such optimism and hopefulness towards their future.

  4. All the children at the feeding centre were filled with energy and joy! It was nice to hear what they all wanted to be when they grow up. I tried to eat with them at the table but it was to small for me.

  5. All the children were very outgoing and filled with energy, it was great to hear them talk about the different things they wanted to be. It was fun being able to eat with them, because in the villages we usually don’t.

  6. Payatas was hot, but the kids were all so full of energy. I remember thinking when we were getting a tour of how people live like this. Like did they know that their living conditions are so inhumane? I felt like crying multiple times here but I held it in.I just had a strong feeling in my stomach of guilt. I felt bad that I am basically living in luxury and they don’t even have a toilet. This was one of the bigger eye openers.

  7. I remember watching the kids perform in awe. They were all super cute in their outfits, and I remember being the translator every time one of them had somehing to say/ask to the other leaders.

  8. The kids were very energetic and the room was filled with Christmas vibe (Well, it was still Christmas in the Philippines). When the kids introduced themselves, I was really inspired. They have big dreams – to become a doctor, teacher, police, firefighters.

  9. When we first entered this village, there was such a positive vibe to it. I was happy that we got to eat lunch with the kids, something we almost never got to do in the other villages. What the organization does to help these kids with their growth by feeding them is such a meaningful cause that we were able to witness with our own eyes.

  10. I really loved hearing what all the children wanted to do when they grow up because little kids with big aspirations made me feel motivated and inspired to chase after my own. Their positivity and smiles gave me a connection like no other and seeing the slums really made me reflect.

  11. This was an experience that stood out to me a lot. Right when we got in the centre, it really struck me when all the kids were saying their aspirations and dreams. When we started dancing, I immediately connected with a girl named Princess. Her disposition and personality was exactly like mine and we were able to make a really nice bond. This experience really gave me a lot of hope!!

  12. These kids were SOOO cute! Looking back to this video makes me happy. I had a lot of fun dancing with them because they were so happy to be dancing. It was really fun when we got to do the water bottle challenge. One moment that really impacted me was having the opportunity to have a tour around because that was when we got to see the adversity. Hearing about the children’s hopes and dreams really made me feel warm in my heart because you can see how happy they are despite everything.

  13. The kids were super adorable and really enthusiastic! They all had so many aspirations, and that made me hopeful that organizations like ANCOP would be helping them achieve those dreams.

  14. All the kids were so cute. Hearing about their hopes as dreams was so inspiring because they didn’t have the same opportunities as we have here in Canada but they didn’t let that stop them from dreaming!

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