Day 7 – Morning TV Show

January 3, 2017

We were invited to speak and perform on GMP – Good Morning Philipinas. This is a LIVE broadcasted television show in the Philippines.


After the show we will be visiting an orphanage in Payatas, Philippines as well as visiting the slums were the children from the orphanage come from.

For more up-to-date photos and videos search @MikeCLeadership #PH2k16 on Twitter.

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16 thoughts on “Day 7 – Morning TV Show

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  1. I heard that in past years, only a few people were willing to get up that early to go watch the people get interviewed. Put into perspective with how nearly everyone was at the studio this year, I’m (happily!) surprised at how many people came out to support Denise, Ava, and everyone getting interviewed!

  2. The was the morning after the Tagaytay trip. We got to the hotel at around 2 am and on the bus ride back to the hotel Mike asked each of us if we wanted to go to the Morning Show. He said that if we wanted to go to the Morning Show we would have to be up by 6 am. I told him that if my body wakes up then I’ll come. Because I napped on the bus ride back to the hotel from the Tagaytay, I didn’t go to bed until 4:30 am, while my friends who really wanted to go to the Morning Show pulled all-nighters. Let’s just say I didn’t wake up in time for the Morning Show. LOL!

  3. Being able to go into the studio and be part of the morning show was a once in a lifetime experience. Karen, Mark, Jermin, Din, and Ava all did a very good job in front of the camera!! It was a very early start to the morning but it was all worth it!!

  4. I wasn’t there but I’m glad that we got a spot on Good Morning Philippines! Proud of everyone

  5. National television was an interesting experience, even though we had to be up super early. We were all on TV and it was amazing to see!

  6. We had to wake up at like 5am just so we could be on National Television. I remember everyone making fun of me for having my phone out and looking like a weirdo when I waved lol smh such bullies haha.

  7. This day was just tooooo much. I chose the wrong day to pull an all nighter! But it was so cool going to the tv station. Both of my roommates Ava and Denise were on it! I felt excited that what we were doing was being recognized and I hope that it inspires people to do more and continue what we are doing.

  8. Im with Sabs on this one … We were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to wake up in time so we decided to stay up. It was interesting to see what happens behind the scenes of live television.

  9. I wasn’t there 😦 – not that I didn’t want to be there but my inner self overpowered me and I stayed at the hotel to rest. Really proud of everyone who came! I hope you guys inspired a lot of people!

  10. It was pretty exciting to see the behind the scenes to GMP and also see some of the buds go on the show and represent!! It was super fun and amazing to know that our passion for helping others would be broadcasted and shared with others. I will also never forget the squashed critter Consul showed me that day LOL

  11. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be on television with great people- Consul, Mark and Jermin!! To be honest, I was slightly nervous but being around them was super comforting and made me feel better!! This was an amazing, unforgettable experience that I will never forget!!

  12. I remember being excited to hear that everyone got invited to come! I remember feeling really sick so I ended up not going. However, looking through these videos make me really proud of my friends for stepping out to talk and perform!!!

  13. It was a really cool experience seeing what it was like to be on a TV show, especially getting my makeup done professionally which I feel like would never happen otherwise! Also great that we had the opportunity to spread the word of the Philippines Trip!

  14. Even though we had to wake up early, it was so worth it! Being on the set of Good Morning Pilipinas was an interesting experience.

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