Day 7 (part 4) – Baclaran

January 3, 2017

After leaving Payatas, we went to Baclaran market and had dinner at Singing Waiters and Cooks.

We had a fun time at dinner. It was a good place to raise our spirits after having experienced what life would be like living in the slums of payatas.

Tomorrow we will be going on a tour of Makati and visiting the 2010 build site of AVANAI.

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15 thoughts on “Day 7 (part 4) – Baclaran

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  1. Thanks everyone for celebrating Milcah’s birthday. God bless you all. Thanks Mike for keeping us updated.

  2. It has been a few months since visiting Baclaran and I have the most coincidental tale to tell. In this video, I had no idea that I’d soon begin to plan for my debut. I went around the Baclaran market in search of a prom dress – however, I did not have enough time to try anything on and I went home empty-prom dress-handed. I remember helping Christian look for barongs and helping him make “tawad” (to make some sort of deal) for his barong and we were able to get it down to 12$. While planning my debut, I realized I wanted to be tradition and have the boys in my cotillion wear barongs. I asked my Lola in the Philippines to pick up some barongs from me in Baclaran market (3 months later) for my cotillion. I guess you can say it was destiny, that I found Christian his barongs.

  3. The restaurant we went to was really entertaining and there’s nothing like it here at home. We barely got to eat our food because people kept popping out of nowhere and singing! The food was good, but the experience and the people were better!

  4. I remember Tyler, Mark and I planning to wear barongs for semi, so I was able to get 2 (one for my friend) with Joleia’s help lol at Baclaran. For dinner, we went to the singing chefs and waiters restaurant. It was so difficult trying to eat, because they kept on singing and dancing. It was so entertaining seeing them pop out of nowhere, and seeing everyone trying to figure out what song they were gonna be singing from the 5 seconds of the music being played. They pulled Mark out to do this pineapple dance, and then he passed the pineapple to me, so i had to get up and dance as well, the experience was amazing!

  5. Despite the fact that the waiters made us sing and dance, I WAS SO TIRED. I honestly thought I would fall asleep during dinner. I dead tired because we did so much this day. I was so fun though! I love our little community and it was just such a cute setting and it was a night to remember.

  6. This restaurant was incredible! The staff were extremely talented, and entertaining. The food wasn’t bad either. Once again, we were able to create tighter bonds with one another through this dinner.

  7. The singing waiters and cooks was so fun and entertaining!! I wish we had something like this at home. It made me think about how cool of job it is to come to work to sing your heart out and make some good food. It was definitely a fun experience!

  8. I LOVED THIS RESTAURANT!!! I have never experienced anything like this and all of the waiters were so talented and did a great job in keeping the energy and atmosphere so high!! The waiters kept coming to us because we sat so close and even pulled me to dance, haha!! We celebrated Milcah’s birthday too, wohOOoOoO!!

  9. Baclaran made me so happy! Not only did I get to bond with everyone but I was surprised to see my dad’s family waiting at the tour bus for me! It made me happy because I didn’t see them since I was really young. I also really am thankful for this day because we had Ate Chery looking after us! The singing waiters also made me so happy. It was nice to take time out of our days to just sing and dance together. This day was well needed and really helped us bond as a family.

  10. This restaurant was so amazing and high energy, which really did help lift my spirits. The food was sooo good, and dancing with everyone was really fun!

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