Day 8 (part 1) – Makati

January 3, 2017

Today we visited the city of Makati. Known as the financial district, it is at the open end of the spectrum then the city of Payatas the day before.

Greenbelt Mall courtyard

The difference between Payatas and Makati was drastically different.




We visited the American War Heros Memorial.

17-crosses 15-adventure 18-tree-cross

Here we had time to debrief and individually as we discussed the contrast between the have and have-nots.

Closing with prayer.

Our next stop is the 2010-11 buildsite  of AVANAI to play with the kids and reconnect with the community.

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  1. Powerful, very powerful!

    Peace, Joy and Hope, Steve De Quintal Teacher, St. Mary Catholic Academy, 66 Dufferin Park Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6H-1J6. 416-393-5528 ext. 84293 “that they may have life and have it the full.”

    “I believe that the most meaningful way to succeed is to help other people succeed.” – Adam Grant

    ***You can always email but a call or a visit will get a quicker response*** ________________________________

  2. As we were at the memorial, there was a man from Germany (David, I think?) walking around too. When we were doing our closing prayer, he walked up and asked what we were doing, so we invited him to join us. From the look on his face, I’d guess that’s probably not what he expected, but as he was walking away, he seemed happy. I guess an invitation is all we need to bring people into our circles!

  3. The day to reflect. Seeing the differences between two different parts in the Philippines which happened to be only a few hours away from each other was mind blowing. I was not the easiest and most settling feeling in the world but its a feeling that needs to be felt more often by more people around the world.

  4. Strange to see this rich area very similar to the ones we have in Canada compared to the slums in Payatas.

  5. Makati is considered the financial district of the Philippines. The contrast between the slums and Makati was crazy. Driving down along Makati there were paved roads, stop lights and branded stores left and right, similar to Canada. The even crazier part was knowing that just 5 minutes aways there are people struggling to get an education, struggling to get food, struggling to stay alive, while some people in Makati are financially stable enough to have an allowance to spend on Gucci purses and can live comfortably knowing they have an education, have food and having no struggle to stay alive.

  6. Seeing the drastic difference between the Payatas slums that we had visited earlier and the riches of Makati makes it hard to believe that both were only about an hour drive from each other. I think being able to reflect at the American War Heroes Memorial about this drastic change was greatly beneficial for all of us. It gave us the chance to reflect and truly appreciate all that we have at home. It also made us realize that there are enough resources in the world to completely diminish poverty, it’s how those resources are being used that sadly prevents that from happening.

  7. Visiting Makati and being able to see the direct contrast between rich and poor in the Philippines was interesting. We had a good debrief and well needed time to reflect to ourselves at the memorial.

  8. After visiting Makati, it was crazy to think that just 5 minutes away, there are people struggling to make ends meet. We were able to reflect on the day, and the overall trip at the memorial. We did a small debrief, and talked about the things we are grateful for. Consul introduced to us his gratitude stone, where every time and anytime we touch it, we say one thing we are grateful for, it helped teach us to be more grateful for the “little things” in our lives.

  9. This was another day of reflection. We got to write in our journals and think about our purpose here and what we wanted to do when we came back. In the Memorial I saw 2 Ayson names. This day gave me a sense of peace but also made me quite upset. The fact that it was so clean and beautiful in Makati killed me because I knew that less than 20 minutes away there was poverty again. It made me think, why are we, human beings so greedy? Why can’t we all help each other live in unity together? No more hunger and no more poverty.

  10. I couldn’t believe the contrast in spirit, and wealth between payatas and makati. It left me with an uneasy feeling that I couldn’t explain, as well as a feeling of guilt.

  11. It was really uncanny to see a big difference between Makati and Payatas. Walking around, seeing the luxurious stores, made me feel like I was back in downtown Toronto and in that time, I did not like it because I wasn’t prepared to leave yet. It was a great moment to reflect on the contrast between the two sides of the Philippines as well as pay tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives for peace.

  12. The War Memorial was such an unforgettable experience. Seeing the difference in class between the Payatas slums from the day before to the financial district of Makati was an eye-opener for me.

  13. Comparing Makati and Payatas was so crazy when I actually got to reflect on everything. It made me think of the cycle of poverty and how we have the power to eradicate poverty but the priority in the westernized, developed world is not there.

  14. This day was really important to me. The drastic difference between the slums to the financial district really bothered me. I remember Consul sharing statistics about money and how we have enough to help the world. It really changed my view in how we prioritize sometimes. Reflecting at the War Memorial was really needed. I think we all felt that sense of peace and having our prayer and joining hands really made it all the worth. We all walked on the grass barefoot and it really made me feel at place with the Earth. I really enjoyed this day because I had a lot more time to reflect on everything that had happened the past few days.

  15. I thought it was good that we were able to learn more about ANCOP and their initiatives all around the world. Makati opened my eyes to the richer area of the Philippines and it made me feel remorse in contrast to the slums. I remember Consul saying that we’ve won the lottery of life just living in Canada and the Memorial site really made me reflect on what I’m grateful for. The rock we chose is small reminder to reflect on our days and to thank God.

  16. Today was more peaceful and it was nice to have the time to reflect on our experiences. It was upsetting to see how luxurious the mall was just 15 min away from the slums, but to have the time to learn more about statistics on poverty and to just think at the memorial location was great.

  17. This day was a day of reflection. We learned more about ANCOP and visited the War Memorial and had time to ourselves to think about the differences between the slums we had visited the previous day compared to Makati.

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