Day 8 (part 2) – AVANAI

Jan. 4, 2017

After our Makati tour, we visited the 2010 build site of AVANAI to reconnect with the community and play with the kids.

So many amazing loving children in AVANAI who we bonded with immediately.

We had our annual PH vs CA basketball competitions
After basketball, we played games with the kids and gave out gifts. Look how packed the basketball court is…..good thing we brought enough presents.
Gift Collage.jpg
We literally had to give out presents in the dark and use our phones as flashlights.
We went back to the community to have dinner and celebrate Milcah’s 18th birthday.

Your friendly neighbourhood spiderman even made a visit to AVANAI.

Watch the video below to see the amazing time we had in AVANAI.

We will miss AVANAI.

Tomorrow we switch hotels and travel to our Tarlac build site which is 3 hours away.

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18 thoughts on “Day 8 (part 2) – AVANAI

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  1. The girl that I made the biggest connection with here was named Ashley. I can’t remember how old she was exactly, but she was around 11-12, even if she didn’t seem like it. She was incredibly mature for her age, though I can’t quite place why. Even with that maturity, she had such a fun and warm personality, and her whole family was excited when she showed me her house! They were the sweetest family I’ve met in such a long time, and I miss them already.

  2. When we were eating dinner, the kids made sure that we finished all our food before we played with them again. They were so caring, it was incredible

  3. One of my favourite villages was Avanai. Dancing with the kids, getting to know them, and watching them preform was a lot of fun and a very memorable experience.

  4. I think that Avanai had the most kids in their village out of all the villages we visited. At the beginning of the visiting period, we were under tents between a small area between the houses. We were soon moved to the basketball court to host our games and play the annual Philippines vs. Canada basketball game. It wasn’t until then that I realized how many kids there were. We normally had groups of 10 kids between 3 leaders. However, in this village, we had about 20 kids between 3 leaders. Kids varied from babies to people our age. It was a fun and different experience getting to connect with people our age.

  5. I thought AKC had a lot of kids, but Avanai soon took that title. We held our games and present giving at the basketball court after the traditional game of basketball between the Philippines and Canada. We finished off the night with live music from the amazing and talented band of the community, which we all sang and danced to.

  6. It was fun to be able to play a sport I love, with kids that love it just as much as I do! Seeing everyone support each other as well, was really heartwarming, and showed me how truly caring a human being can be!

  7. Avanai had a lot of kids that really brought so much energy to us. The community was very lively and there were actually so many children!! Playing basketball with the children was fun! Saying goodbye was hard, as always.

  8. Milcah’s debut! This was a fun time! I lost my voice here because of the huge dance party with all of the singing and celebration. We also played basketball & I scored, that was a first. I bonded with a little boy named Cedric. Michelle and I called him mini Consul because he was a rat tail as well. This village was big and I was just happy that the people of the village had a good time. They did so much for us. They cooked, sang and danced. It was amzing.

  9. Avanai community was incredible. They welcomed us with warmth and the kids were just so cheerful. I really enjoyed the music, thanks to the band, and was surprised that even Spiderman made an official appearance.

  10. Avanai was such an uplifting village to be in. The atmosphere was great and the kids were such a pleasure to interact with. The amount of kids was overwhelming but it was definitely one of my favorite villages!

  11. Avanai was really fun and it was my first time playing basketball in the Philippines!! It was actually super fun and I had a great time with Denise, Kim, Jermin and Sabs!! There were so many kids and I had an amazing time with Milcah and the kiddos!!! The dancing with the kids was extremely fun because of the live band.

  12. Avanai had such a huge population in comparison to the other places we’ve been to! It was fun watching everyone play basketball and seeing the girls score that shot. I’m really glad we visited Avanai because I really learned how important it is for us to always return to previous villages. They showed so much excitement and welcomeness to us. I could feel their sense of gratitude. It made me happy to play with the kids. One funny moment was when we randomly saw a spiderman walking around and finding out it was Consul!

  13. Avanai was amazing and full of spirit! The dance party and watching the performances was super fun! Playing basketball with the kids really brought us closer and I was able to create so many friendships 🙂

  14. Avanai was probably my favourite village because of how I connected with the children and how enthusiastic they were! As soon as we got there this girl named Lyka ran up to me and stayed with me the whole night, dancing with me, showing me around, and it was just such a fun night in general!

  15. The Avanai community was amazing! Everyone just radiated joy and we had fun playing basketball with the kids.

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