Poster Challenge – Bottle Water Free Zone

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The Challenge:

CSLIT and ECSLIT in partnership with the Environmental Committee is running a poster competition.

The winning student or team will win a free water filling station to be installed at their school. There will be two winners, one from each panel (secondary and elementary).



Size: 11 x 17 (portrait)
Theme: Bottle Water Free Zone
Tagline: Our Gift, Our Responsibility, Our Opportunity (schools may choose to create their own tagline to either supplement or replace this one)

  • Your submission would be replacing the existing poster at the top of this page
  • Hand drawn posters need to be scanned and submitted electronically

How to Enter:

Submissions need to be submitted by email to by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, Mar. 1st.


All posters will be published on The winning posters will selected by the Environmental Committee.


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