Face to Face ECSLIT # 5 Thursday, March 2nd, 2017


Ecslited hosted their 5th face to face meeting at the Toronto Catholic Disctrict School Board Education centre on March 2nd, 2017. There is only 1 more face to face  ECSLIT meeting to go before we return next year!

The virtue of the month is forgiveness, and we asked the students what forgiveness means and the importance of forgiveness.


Scroll down to see what Mike Consul has to say about forgiveness in his Mike talk!


We began the meeting with April and Nilo leading us in prayer tied to March’s virtue, “Forgiveness is a valuable gift that is neither easily obtained or easily given.”

Afterwards, we melted the ice just like how human polllution is affecting the climate, with a probability icebreaker!

Heads and Tails

Students use actions to vote on what probability they believe will be the outcome of having 2 coins flipped.

HEADS & HEADS : 2 Hands on your head

HEADS & TAILS: 1 Hand on your head and 1 Hand on your Hip

TAILS & TAILS: 2 Hands on your hip



The luckiest student in the room that guessed the probability of the coin toss accurately for 5 rounds was Alexis from St. Bruno!

His prize was a Green Aluminum Water Bottle!


During Mike talk, Michael Consul used a volunteer to demonstrate the importance of forgiveness. Imagine you are carrying an empty box and every time you don’t forgive someone you add more weight to that box. Every time we do not forgive someone we constantly carry that burden. That heavy box weighs you down, because you are constantly thinking about how sore your muscles are. When we forgive we remove unwanted stress from our lives and lessen the weight we carry with us.




Our guest speaker was Stephan Martins, from the Environmental services department spoke about the costs of not being eco friendly and the efforts to improve our human footprint.

How much do you think the school board spends on electricity in a year?
Comment Below (Answer at the End)



Look at all those hungry leaders!

Our instant challenge for March was having students complete the task of building the tallest free-standing tower with the given materials: 1 piece of chart paper, 3 popsicle sticks, plasticine, and soft wires.



Look at all those innovative leaders!




Look at the height difference of the tallest tower and one of our Director of Elementary Affairs, April!


After the challenge, we had Audrie from Catholic Student Leadership Impact team present about the Angel Foundation of Learning!


Finally, we gave the students a challenge of creating their own Rube Goldberg Machine with at least 5 transitions in the process.


Look at all the school supplies brought in for last months challenge to be donated to Don Gallo elementary school in the Philippines.

Great job leaders!

Our Next Online ECSLIT Meeting: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our Next ECSLIT Face to Face Meeting: Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Thanks for all the donations and participation folks, see you at our next and final face to face meeting of the year!

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