ECSLIT Face to Face Meeting-Wednesday, December 6th 2017

Elementary student leaders gather for our third ECSLIT face-to-face meeting held on December 6th, 2017.
The meeting began with a quick introduction from the Directors of Elementary Affairs Michael Mejia (Blessed Cardinal Newman, Grade 12) and Aviel Scarlette (Notre Dame, Grade 12). CSLIT’S Faith Ambassador Chloe Panaganiban (Blessed Cardinal Newman, Grade 10) started the meeting with an opening prayer.


The student leaders warm up with the Back to Back Get Up game.  They start with pairs, then threes, then fours.  Afterwards they discuss how this icebreaker relates to leadership.


Michael Consul discusses the virtue of the month, charity. He talks about the importance of charity, love and agape.

Student Trustees Rhea Carlisle (Notre Dame, Grade 12) and Joel Ndongmi (Brebeuf College, Grade 11) talk about their jobs as student trustees. They answer several questions from keen student leaders and share their goals for the school year.

Pizza time!

Afterwards the newspaper chair challenge took place.

 Above are the candidates from the newspaper chair competition. Some very creative designs!

The candidates chairs went through three stages for the competition.  Four schools tied for first place!

Afterwards, representatives from the top 4 remaining schools explain the process of making their chairs, and why they should win the competition.

Student Leader Nathan Antle (Blessed Cardinal Newman, Grade 12) and Director of Administrative Affairs Stephanie Deguzman (Senator O’Connor, Grade 12) share their experiences from Superior North Service Trip.

3 teachers from the East and West end participate in the Minute to Win it Challenge. The goal is to use rubber bands to knock the pyramid of cups off the table!

Congratulations to the West End for the win!


Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of Fatima, St. Roberts and St. Gabriel! It’s a four-way tie!


ECSLIT Online – December 20th, 2017 

ECSLIT Face to Face – February 7th, 2018


 Save the Egg Rules:

1. Maximum 1 sheet of bristle board

2.Maximum of roll of 1” masking tape

3.Only 1 egg per school

4. No hardball eggs permitted

5. Need to be able to remove egg in and out of structure

6. Be creative, and HAVE FUN!
**Tiebreaker: school that uses least amount of material to achieve the same goal



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