Student Trustee Applications 2020-2022

Current Student Trustees, Taylor Dallin and Kathy Nguyen

Are you involved at school? Do you strive for change in education? Then, the Student Trustee position might be perfect for you!

The Student Trustee position is an excellent position for youth in Grade 10 across the TCDSB who are seeking to advocate for students at a board level.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the current student trustees, Taylor Dallin ( and Kathy Nguyen (

Be sure to fill out the application below, by 6:00PM on March 27 2020.

Click Here for Student Trustee Application


Join the CSLIT Family!

Application Due: March 27th 

Meet the Candidates Night: March 31st 

Election Date: April 28th


2 thoughts on “Student Trustee Applications 2020-2022

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  1. By placing these bi-annually and making the required age group solely grade 10s, Cslit arbitraly eliminates anyone unlucky enough to enter grade 10 during another trustees tenure, thus cutting the candidates in half.

    1. We actually elect a new Student Trustee every year. It’s a two year term, and there are always two Student Trustees. Each year, the outgoing Senior ST (Grade 12) leaves, the current Junior ST (Grade 11) would take the Senior ST’s position, and the elected ST (Grade 10) would take the Junior position.

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