3 Teacher Tips Thursday: June 3rd Edition

This week’s 29th edition of 3 Teacher Tips Thursday comes from Michael Consul’s Co-op student Marianne Chua student of St. John Paul II CSS (special student edition).

Below are 3 simple yet effective resources broken up into 3 categories:
– Great Ideas
– Online Tools
– Teacher PD

Enjoy 3 Teacher Tips Thursday. Hope you find it resourceful.


My Communications Technology teacher, Ms. Horhager, shared a new method to help plan out assignments and projects with my class. 

The tool that she introduced to us was a GANTT chart. Named after its inventor,  Henry Gantt. A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. The chart is often used by those in the Communications Technology field. I used it for my final ISU project, and it’s been such a helpful tool that I have been using it ever!

No matter what project – big or small – a Gantt chart is particularly useful for simplifying complex projects. All of the big components are broken down into smaller sections, then those smaller sections are then broken down even further. That way, you don’t feel overwhelmed. As a visual learner, it is so much easier to be able to SEE the tasks that need to be completed, instead of words listed on a regular calendar or agenda. One of the best things about a Gantt Chart is that the due dates and tasks are laid out neatly on one page. It’s easy to read and understand. I often use it to plan out my school assignments and my cookie business!

I encourage you to give it a try! Google Sheets offers a free Gantt chart template that you can customize for your own projects. Happy planning 🙂

Here’s an example of a Gantt Chart on Google Sheets!


I’m sure that you’ve already heard of this next tip that I am about to mention: myBlueprint. But hear me out ;).

As a high school student, I mostly use myBlueprint for selecting courses. But this tool can be used beyond that!

If you didn’t know, this website offers really useful surveys that students are able to take to determine a variety of things, like their learning styles and possible future careers. I find them really fun, and they will definitely interest you!

I encourage teachers – especially those who teach the elementary grades – to start using myBlueprint if they have not already. It’s never too early to help students plan their careers! In fact, I surely wish that I started taking the surveys and planned everything earlier so that I am more confident and prepared for high school and post secondary school.

A lot of my friends are still unsure of what they will do in the future, so having that early exposure to possibilities would really help younger students. Why not take it further and dedicate a whole lesson, project, or special day to helping students plan their careers and give them a head start? I surely wish that I planned my high school course selection in grades 6-8.

Give it a try! It would be great to take a break from the typical classroom setting, and I’m sure that the students will enjoy it too!

Check out a bunch of different surveys that myBlueprint offers!


Remind is a private mobile messaging platform that helps teachers, parents, students and administrators in the K-12 schools to communicate with everyone. You may have heard and use this tool already, but I think that it’s too good not to mention it here! 😉

I like using Remind because it’s just like texting, but reserved only for education. When teachers or principals try to send messages through email, sometimes they can get lost through the hundreds of emails in my inbox. With Remind, I can see messages right away and have gotten responses in an instant!  Super helpful when I needs to ask my teacher a question.

On Remind, teachers can send announcements to parents and students all at once, just students, just parents, or to individuals. Coming from a student perspective, I love the easy and efficient way of communication offered by Remind, especially as an app that is solely dedicated to communicating for educational purposes.


Marianne Chua is grade 11 student at St. John Paul II Catholic Secondary School and enjoys art, design, music and food! She is currently enrolled in Business SHSM, completing her placement in the Catholic Student Leadership Department.

Instagram: @mursburs

This addition of 3 Teacher Tips Thursday is brought to you by: Teachers meet Teachers. A group of educators who’s motto is “Changing Education by fuelling those who run it!”

Instagram: @teachersmeetteachers

I hope you enjoyed our 29th weekly edition of 3 Teacher Tips Thursday. Got an idea, online tool, or PD opportunity you want to share? Email stefanie.lenzo@tcdsb.org.


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