ECSLIT Online Meeting – Thurs. June 3rd @ 4:30 pm


STEP 1: Register by completing this online form (it takes 2 min)


Meet, discuss, and collaborate with student leaders from across the TCDSB! All elementary students from grades 6, 7 and 8 are welcome! A chance to win some prizes!



Welcome to our last ECSLIT meeting of the year. Today, speaking, we have our Leadership teacher Michael Consul. Watch live stream here:
A topic for today was Mindful Meditation. Alexia has come to join us, giving us her thoughts. Listen here:
We welcome back Ellie and Junette, for their last ECSLIT GA. They truly did a wonderful job. Watch here:
Leading us in the Land Acknowledgement and opening prayer, we brought up Mara Balmaceda. Watch here:
The first game for today was “Who’s that leader”. Students in the chat box guessed who they think the leader is in each photo. Play the game here: 
Second game of the day was “ECSLIT Trivia.” The first person who answers Ellie and Junette’s trivia questions got put onto the wheel for a prize at the end. How well did you know your ECSLIT trivia? Test yourself here:
Our final announcements were given to us by the hosts Ellie and Junette. Check out what’s coming up!
Our final closing remarks was done and given by Superintendent, Mr. Michael Caccamo. Watch here:
We brought back Mara for the closing prayer. She did a wonderful job on both prayers today. Watch here:
See the winners of the games played on the wheel. Congratulations to you all for participating!! Watch here:
Thank you all for joining us this year!! ECSLIT would have not been the same without you in our audience. We are sad that it has come to an end, but we won’t be gone for long. Have a wonderful summer break everyone! Enjoy it to the fullest!!

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