3 Teacher Tips Thursday: June 17th Edition

This week’s 31st edition of 3 Teacher Tips Thursday comes from Michael Consul’s Co-op student Adeana Ching-A-Sue, student of St. John Paul II (special student edition).

Below are 3 simple yet effective resources broken up into 3 categories:
– Great Ideas
– Online Tools
– Teacher PD

Enjoy 3 Teacher Tips Thursday. Hope you find it resourceful.


A way my second quadmester teacher, Ms.King, got virtual learning to feel more like a classroom by hosting weekly scavenger hunts. This activity is simple and inexpensive, making it an entertaining team morale boost.

Virtual scavenger hunts are remote games in which participants race against the clock to find items or fulfill challenges before time runs out. To score points, a player must be required to collect their favourite mug or take a selfie for example. The purpose of these activities is for participants to have a good time and be engaged. Not sure what items or challenges to include in your virtual scavenger hunt? Here are some suggestions for 25 Ideas for a Zoom Scavenger Hunt.

You should try hosting a virtual scavenger hunt for your remote classroom! It gets everyone together and breaks up the monotony of the work week.


I found out about Notion earlier this year and I thought this is the perfect opportunity for me to share this hidden gem! Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can think, write, and plan. You can capture ideas, manage projects or even operate an entire company — and do it exactly the way you want. If you are looking for a way to go digital. This is one way to start.  

Imagine a lego structure. Notion provides the building blocks, and you can use them to create your own work layouts and toolkits. This productivity website/app makes it simple to add and find things later, whether it’s to-do, reminders, or your next big idea. And did I mention that it’s free to use? You can use Notion to create a home base for all of the things going on in your life. To start with the basics of Notion, check out this video.

Whether you are creating pages focused on planning for today or pages plotting your path for tomorrow, everything in Notion can be customized to grow and change with you. 

Here are examples of what student and educator templates looks like on Notion!


TeachThought is an idea and brand dedicated to innovation in K-12 education. The blog covers a wide range of issues split into four categories: critical thinking, learning, teaching, and learning in the future. They have a big selection of intriguing podcasts in addition to their postings. 

TeachThought’s focuses on streamlining their workflow and becoming more efficient internally in terms of content, growth, and development in 2020, as the rest of the globe was reeling from COVID-19. In 2021, they are currently alpha testing courses for teachers–and I believe this is a blog that every teacher should check out!  : )


Adeana Ching-A-Sue is grade 11 student at St. John Paul II and enjoys drawing, photography, film, design, and reading literature. She’s currently doing her coop placement in the Catholic Student Leadership department.

Instagram: @acaeleyy

This addition of 3 Teacher Tips Thursday is brought to you by: Teachers meet Teachers. A group of educators who’s motto is “Changing Education by fuelling those who run it!”

Instagram: @teachersmeetteachers

I hope you enjoyed our 31st weekly edition of 3 Teacher Tips Thursday. Got an idea, online tool, or PD opportunity you want to share? Email stefanie.lenzo@tcdsb.org.


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