Let’s Talk Faith – LOG IN HERE – Wed. Nov. 17 @ 4:30 pm

Join the Meeting
Join the Meeting

CSLIT presents “Let’s Talk Faith.”


**Prizes to be won!

Interact, discuss, and pray with Catholic student leaders across the TCDSB as we explore topics to deepen our faith and strengthen our relationship with God.

Here’s a short recap video of what we discussed last month.

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Watch Previous Broadcast

Wed. April 15 w/ special guest Father Obinna

Wed. April 29 w/ Special guest Father Damien

Wed. May 13 w/ Special guest Chaplain Cosmo Femia

Wed. May 27 w/ Special guest Luke Olmes

Wed. June 10 w/ Special guest Pastor Q Wilson

Wed. November 11 w/ Special guest Joanna Alphoso

Wed. December 16 w/ Special guest Darren Pereira

Wed. January 20 w/ Special guest Marie Anne Torres

Wed. February 17 w/ Special guests Merle Gonsalvez, Junette Tindan, Michael Consul

Wed. March 24 w/ Special guest Dalila Dandrea

Wed. April 21 w/ Special guest Adrianne Sequiera

Thurs. May 6 w/ Special Guests Gabriella Davies, Jill Forester, Testament, iNsight, Pastor Q

Wed. May 19 w/ Special Guest Celia Ieradi

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