iLITE Contest – Be Someone’s Taco


What does it mean to “Be Someone’s Taco?” Answer: Doing a random act of kindness (without being asked) to brighten someone’s day (like bringing someone tacos when they are down)! Still confused, watch Sam Demma’s iLITE presentation.

Post how you were someone’s taco this week
– Make sure to include your name and school (so we know where to send the prize)
– Submission deadline is 3:00 pm on Friday, February 4th.

– 3 separate post will be selected
– If your name is picked, your WHOLE class (that’s every student) will receive either a:
Be Someone’s Taco sticker
Small Consistent Actions bracelet


Sam Demma: Youth Motivational Speaker in Canada

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Remember the power of small consistent acts of kindness!

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