E-CSLIT Meeting #1 – October 7th, 2015

Thank you to all who attended the first ECSLIT meeting of 2015-2016 which was held at the Catholic Education Centre (80 Sheppard Ave. E.).Over 15 schools participated in our first ECSLIT meeting and it was such a great start to our year. ECSLIT stands for the Elementary Catholic Student Leadership Impact Team. It’s where elementary student... Continue Reading →

Monthly Challenge – October 7, 2015

BUILD A TOILET PAPER ROLL CAR RULES: 1 Toilet Paper Roll (Not Paper Towel) Cannot Use Pre-Fabricated Wheels GOAL: Reach Farthest Distance When Let Go (Not Pushed) From The Top Of A Ramp THE SCHOOL THAT GOES THE FARTHEST WINS Here are some examples: BE CREATIVE! GOOD LUCK!

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