Virtue of the Month Speech – October 7, 2015

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Virtue Speech – Gratitude

Raise your hand if you are happy.

Now if you’re really happy I want to hear it so say Oooowwww!

The question is WHY are you happy? Or vice versa, why aren’t you happy?


Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, leaders of all ages, today, right here, right now I’m going to reveal the secret of happiness.

This secret will change your life. This secret may blow your mind.

So in order for you to receive this life changing information, you need to close your eyes.

The secret to happiness is….(in a slow voice):





Gratitude ….

Ok, open your eyes.

The secret to happiness is “having an attitude of gratitude.”


That’s it folks, it’s simple.

My best friend (aka ghost writer) texted me this quote:

People who are happy don’t have gratitude, it’s people who have gratitude who are happy”

So put your thinking caps on and answer this question.

What comes first, what comes first, happiness or gratitude?

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.09.25 PM

Before you answer, read the quote one more time.

Ok, on the count of 3, yell out the answer, what comes first, happiness or gratitude.

1, 2, 3…



The virtue of the month ladies and gentlemen is GRATITUDE.

In short, the secret to happiness to gratitude.

Because when you learn to appreciate all the amazing things in your life, you can’t help but be happy.

To exemplify this, let me tell you a story:

Tell story about dropping phone in lake.



You’re lucky to have a phone

You’re lucky to have be able to buy a new phone

You’re lucky to have a job so that you can buy a phone

You’re lucky to have a job that you love

Look around, look how beautiful this place is. You’re lucky to be here.

You’re fishing, and getting paid today. Man, you’re the luckiest guy in the world.


And while I was sitting there, I saw a fish jump. So I casted in that direction, and guess what, I caught a fish. My first fish I’ve ever caught naked…..well almost naked 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.29.00 PM

One of the things I’m really passionate about is serving the poor, especially the need in the Philippines.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.31.07 PM

Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself I think about the families I’ve met who don’t have electricity, who don’t have running water, who don’t have a real home to live in.   Because than realize that I really don’t have any problems, I’ve seen real problems and I don’t have problems.

So instead of feeling sorry for myself I need to have an attitude of gratitude.

So leaders to recap, in ONE word, what is the secret to happiness….(GRATITUDE)

Yes, because happy people don’t have gratitude, people who have gratitude are happy.


And I am grateful that you are all here today,…..and that my friends,….makes me HAPPY.

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