Build Day 2

Wednesday, January 4th – We’re ready for Day 2 of the build.  We know we have to work even harder than yesterday if we want to reach our goal.

Local kids always lending a hand

Today we help build a staircase from scratch.

Step 1 – Mix rocks, sand, and concrete.

Kinda looks like the volcano in Tagaytay

Step 2 – Add water and mix

It’s a strenuous job but somebody has to do it

Step 3 – Mix like crazy (as consistent as possible)

Make sure to bend your knees!
A shovel full of rocks and sand is unbelievably heavy

Step 4 – Fill the bucket with all the stuff we mixed

Next time more in the bucket and less on my feet

Step 5 – Pass the bucket along the leadership assembly line

Many hands make light work

Step 6 – Pour the concrete mix

End of the assembly line leads to staircase.
All poured… just gotta wait for it to dry.

After lunch, we took a little break to play with some new born puppies.

Soooo cute

In the afternoon we got to socialize with the kids and play some games.

Kids waiting for us to come down and play
Swarmed by hugs
They almost know how to sing Stella Ola Ola now… even though they’ve changed the words
Everybody good?

Time to get back to work… the kids came along to help out.

True initiative!

The afternoon brought some different tasks.

Building planter boxes
Straightening bent rods (quality control)
More manual bending

We even had a beam building competition – Team 1 vs Team 2.  Basically a race to see who can complete one beam the fastest.  Mike laid out the rules and gave each team 2 minutes to discuss strategy before starting.

Ready, set, go!

Nothing like friendly competition to light a fire

Winning teams gets ice cream!!!

Looking good… keep going!
We can do it!
Winning team celebrates

A little bit of time to hang out and take pictures with the kids before we leave.

Our little helpers
We love these kids!

Back again tomorrow for Day 3.

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