Build Day 5

Saturday, January 7th – Here’s the plaster work from yesterday, still drying.

Starting to take shape

Today we put a special sealer on the plastered wall prepping it to be painted tomorrow.

Side looks good too

Now that we’ve plastered the outside, it’s time to work on the inside.

We’re pros now…….kinda

One of their workers said that it would take them 4 days to finish what we accomplished in one day!

T ogether
E verybody
A chieves
M ore

This will become their kitchen

Plastering means more concrete mixing!!

We’ve done it so many times, now we can do it unsupervised
Sweat equity!
Our same street playground is also mixing ground

Our daily build routine is:

  • Work/Build
  • Lunch
  • Work/Build
  • Snack
  • Play with kids
  • Work/Build
  • Clean-up
  • Debrief / Thank ANCOP Team
  • Proceed to dinner
  • Head to hotel after dinner
We don’t think these kids will ever get bored of these same games
Whatever this game is, it looks fun!
If all else fails, call Liphayette to translate
Genuine fun – memories that will last a lifetime

After some playtime, we went back to work on the interiors of the house.

Once bare walls now have smooth plaster

After today’s build, we went to the “Seaside” located beside the Mall of Asia for a seafood dinner.

This mall is beyond huge
Bring your own seafood to be cooked here

At Seaside, a mime/Jabawaki challenged Mike to a dance battle in front of an entire crowd of onlookers

He too, had a pony tail.
All fair that ends well

We got to witness another beautiful sunset by the water.

Looks like heaven

During dinner (which we ate outdoors), we were treated to some fireworks which are displayed at MOA every night at 7pm.

Nice way to cap off dinner

Day 6 tomorrow.  Our last day on the site.  We’re not ready to leave.

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