November Virtue of the Month – Peacemaking

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Peace worddle

Mircosoft Word – October Virtue Speech on Gratitude

Powerpoint – November – Peacemaking

If this is your 1st time at E-CSLIT this year clap once (clap)

If this is your 2nd time at E-CSLIT this year clap twice (clap clap)

If you think your straw tower will hold the most weight and beat all the schools here clap 3 times (clap clap clap)

If you Marivic is an awesome E-CSLIT Chair clap once (clap)

If you think Susan has a beautiful voice (clap clap)

If you think you’re teacher is super awesome for taking time out of their busy lives to take you to E-CSLIT clap 3 times (clap clap clap)

Thank you.  Now everyone tell me what month it is (November)

And what is the virtue of month? (Peacemaking)

So what does it mean to be a peacemaker? We’ll before we answer that question, it’s good to define what is peace.

And sometimes the easiest way to define something is to look at what it is not.

Peace is not war.


Peace is not bullying.


Peace is not cyber-bullying either.


If you are in contact with some and they feel worst either physically, emotionally, spiritually because of you, because that’s not peace either.


So what does peace look like then?

Peace about coming together.


And instead of bullying, making the people around us feel loved and welcomed.


And that can be done through words.


Through text messages.

Basically through spreading positivity.


This is what peace-making looks like to me.  Coming together, like here at our iLITE conference for a common positive purpose.


Similar to us here at E-CSLIT.  These are all the Christmas gifts last year’s E-CSLIT leaders gathered for homeless youth.  Spreading smiles at Christmas.  And this is the non-perishable items you brought last month spreading happiness for those who the services of for St. Francis Table.

E-CSLIT Gifts and Food

These are awesome examples of peacemaking, give yourselves a huge round of applause.

Peacemaking can be done in our schools, in our communities, but also aboard in other countries.

Here are pictures from last year’s Philippines Service and Leadership trip I co-lead with two of your E-CSLIT teachers, Ms. Ignoto and Ms. Gonsalvez.  Give them a big round of applause.


So here’s the question……..are you a peacemaker?

Do you make people feel like this?


Or are you spreading love?


Do you make people feel like this?


Or do you energize people, make people feel happy, and make them smile.

Postive Collage

In closing, let me share this quote with you:

Leave people better

So how do you be a peacemaker?  The answer is simple.  Leave people better than you found them.

So I’m going to ask you, “How do you be a peacemaker?” I need you to answer by reading,

Leave people

Remember, what you focus on expands.  What you focus on what…..(expands).

So let’s focus on leaving people better than you found them as we help spread and live out the good news of our saviour Jesus Christ.

Thank you.

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