Day 3 – Sorting Donations

December 30, 2016

After leaving Don Galo, we made our way to the hotel, Eleganza Apartelle.

Each student was asked to fill their second luggage with as many donations they can accumulate.

Sorting Donations.jpg

We will be distributing these donations to 5 different villages, 1 orphanage, and 1 elementary school.

This evening we will be traveling to last year’s build site, Masagana. There we will be playing with the kids, performing our “I got that feeling” dance for the first time, and handing out Christmas gifts to the children.

Thanks for following our travels.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3 – Sorting Donations

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  1. Through the whole process of preparing for the trip, the idea that got the most attention was the donations suitcase. Many of the people who I told instantly started to consider the things that they could donate. After all, not everyone has spare money, but almost everyone has spare belongings.

  2. When we flew to the Philippines we were allowed to bring two pieces of luggage – one for our personal belongings and one for donations. In total that’s about 27 pieces of luggage full of donations. I didn’t realize we had 27 pieces of luggage until we actually took everything out. We had mountains of toys, book, clothes, school supplies, hygiene products and etc. Seeing all the donations laid out, explained why we needed so many pieces of luggage to put the donations in.

  3. Amazing to see how much we started off with, knowing we gave away all of it and knowing how much it meant to people we gave it to.

  4. Sorting all of our donations left me in shock. The tables were overflowing with all sorts of donations!!! It was nice looking at all of it, knowing that we will be able to help and bring joy to so many people. This was also the moment where we all started bonding as one big happy family!

  5. Sorting the donations was super fun! Got to get to know a lot more people as well as I was overwhelmed with the sheer generosity of everyone who donated and wanted to help out!

  6. It was insane to see how many donations there really was, especially after sorting them in the different categories. It’s also crazy to think that small things like these are things that we take for granted everyday.

  7. This part of the day of the hardest for me. I was so lethargic because of the jetlag! But this was fun as well. It was amazing seeing all of the donations that we brought over and once we got a system moving it was a smooth process. I remember thinking why everyone had so much energy and thinking why I was the only one dying!

  8. At this point in the day, I could sense that everyone was being affected by jet lag. Despite the fact that we were all physically tired, seeing all of the donations really inspired all of us to keep going.

  9. Sorting donations was crazy yet fun! Seeing the pile of donations made me feel happy knowing that with these little things will bring smile on the kids’ faces.

  10. I felt extreme jet-lag while sorting donations. I felt really overwhelmed with joy when I looked at all the donations. Especially because I didn’t think that we all could have accumulated so much. There was so much luggages of donations that they couldn’t all fit into one table. It made me really happy despite the tiredness. It was really nice because we all got to bond doing something as simple as putting donations into bags.

  11. Seeing how many toys, toiletries, school supplies, clothes, and books we gathered was pretty amazing. Thinking back to how happy the kids were when they received such a simple gift (such as a toothbrush) definitely brings back memories of each of the villages we visited.

  12. It was fun sorting out all the donations and working as a team to put them all into bags. I was happy that we were all able to accumulate a lot and provide the basic necessities for the children. It just shows that the small things we tend to overlook can really make a difference.

  13. It was so great to see how many donations we brought, and how much we could give to these communities! What didn’t mean much to us meant so much to them, which was very eye opening.

  14. Seeing how many donations we brought for the people in the Philippines was so heart-warming!

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